Zemocs Lightning Column Edit

Level 5 Evocation - V,S / Full Action - 100'+10'/Level - 50' Width 100' Tall Column

The caster summons forth tremendous magical energies as a brilliantly glowing intricate rune is inscribed on the ground before a massive column of lightning blasts force from the ground as well as lightning slamming from above dealing 10d6 Lightning damage. But if the spell is charged longer the caster charges more and more energy into it increasing the damage die size each round, to D8 after 2 rounds, D10s after 3 rounds and D12s after 4 rounds of concentration. Dex save for half.

@Higher Levels: When cast at level 6 the massive rune is merely carved into the ground at the target, at level 7 there is no indication of the spell until activation.