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Godlings of Acrea Edit

Less powerful than the True Gods the Godlings of Acrea are beings who amassed so much power that the fabric of reality strained upon them and enacted the Immortal laws of the Prime Material, forcing them to ascend to the Outer Realm.  Although less powerful than the True Gods the difference is merely academic to mortals, to whom it means nothing.  Many of the Godlings have more followers than the True Gods in some areas of the world.

Aashvarduun - Spark of Chaos - CE Edit

A Storm Titan of grand power and prowess who roamed and raided the lands of Acrea during The EverNight accruing vast amounts of power through his ancient ritual sword Grudbluder. At the end of The EverNight as reality attempted to fully reassert itself he was cast out to The Outer Realm as a new Godling.

King lion

Aasimov Brovski - Sword of The Maw - LN Edit

An agent of the Society who regained his soul and saved the Maw from the twisted machinations of Davey Jones, having only gained his spark of divinity in the year 582AEN he is one of the youngest gods. He has yet to claim a Plane in the Outer Realm and is currently reassessing his place in the world while he watches over The Maw.

Astos - LN - The Militant Queen Edit

An aspect god of Yunia, Astos is god of military and logistical efficiency

Alurr - Queen of Lovers - CN Edit

Once an Elvish queen of great beauty and incredible magics she wove a spellsong so beautiful so as to draw a mortal incarnation of the ever curious Ansam, the God of Knowledge. Their ensuing relationship is a story written in a 343 volume orchestral piece by the name of The Palestar of the west rises and sets. It's said if anyone finds and plays this piece to completion they will, as Alurr did when she wrote and played it, ascend to Godhood. But when she performed the song for Ansam at the highest point of their grand Elvish city of Wind Through Rain and Leaf the entire city was lost to ruin, paying her hubristic price for a gods love. If you can find that city, please do not open the crypt at its height, for Ansam locked it away for good reason.

Anemorok - God of Plagues, Sickness and Filth - NE Edit

A demon from out of the filth and who stole his divine spark from the corpse of a god slain by his own hand, a weakened godling having fled from a war amongst its betters and was caught by Anemorok. His plagued lands slowly infect the planes of The Outer Realm as he strives to absorb more and more of his rivals power. Hoping to lead his legions of fellow demons to war, so that they too may steal the sparks of divinity from those Gods who resist.

Avalos - The Healing Matron - LG Edit

A priestess and local herbalist who devoted her life to healing the sick and poor, but after rescuing a Knight from the gates of death and rehabilitating him she fell deeply in love. She pled with him to stay and live out his life with her, defend the town and help her keep the town in good health, but he sought glory above all. Avalos refused to go to war with him and so she stayed home, and the Knight rode off to war. And amid the bloody field of war against the armies of a despot of Noth the knight met his death, fighting off the armies of tyranny. Believing her beliefs in non-violence led her to indirectly cause the death of his love, and thus cast her vows aside. She swore vengeance and donned the knights old, battered armor. She dedicated the rest of her life to saving the weak, healing the injured and delivering justice to those who would pervert the power of law to their own tyrannical needs. But most of all, delivering vengeance upon those who have transgressed.

Dorm - Gavel of Law - LG Edit

The son of Morstin he grew to take upon the mantle of Godling himself embodying the aspects of Law and Order to the Betterment of All. His symbol of Hammer and Eye can typically found upon the judges stand in the majority of courtrooms across Acrea.

Edoss Ral - LE - Ambitions Pride Edit

God of the ambitious, praises success over all else, if others want to succeed they can do so elsewhere

Flownder - Dragonking of the Seas - NE Edit

A super ancient dragon of immeasurable size and said to be the mother to all "true" aquatic dragons. Long before The EverNight Flownders power had grown so immense as to stress the fabric of reality. Realizing this she bid her oldest children to perform a secret ritual lasting two months, where she was ritually pierced through the heart as she in turn slew her two most powerful children and rent a hole into The Primal Realm where she supposedly resides in The Primal Sea. The surviving members of that ritual are less sure of their mothers ascendance, for her massive skeleton can still be found at the very deepest point of the ocean.

Hephaton - CE - The Kin Eater Edit

God of Fratricide and Cannibalism, followers believe they steal the powers of their victims by consuming them

Horned Lord - The Tusked King of Beasts - LN Edit

A grand old primal spirit of the circle of life and predation who takes many forms in his travel, although always in the form of some great beast. A mostly indifferent god, content to live across the natural landscapes wherever the circle of beasts grace the realm. He only strives to maintain the natural predatory order of the wilderness, survival of the fittest.

Iros - The Unseen Sword - NN  Edit

Very little is known of Iros beyond the circle of her cults. What is known to outsiders is that she was once an Illotian mage sword who achieved ascendancy during The EverNight as she fought to purge her country of the corrupted and mad arcanists and inventors who had brought chaos to their land all through The EverNight.

Kabri - CN/CE - The Predator in the Sand Edit

God over warriors and hunters in the desert, patron of scorpions, the hunt is the law, but no reason you can't find some pleasure in it.

Kelmir - Voice in the Sand - CE Edit

The Great Spirit of Deserts Kelmir is the embodying aspects of those vast barren wastelands. Seemingly to have just simply come into being when The Material Plane was made, her plane in The Outer is a vast constantly shifting desert hiding innumerable lost civilizations in its depths.

Mithos - Master of Debauchery - CG Edit

In one of Trysts avatars travels across Acrea she met a young overweight man who she had just witnessed drink an entire cask of Dwarvish Ale to the astonishing cries of the Dwarvish brewers and crowd alike. Their holy text is the wild and debaucherous tales of their adventures across Acrea. It can be found in many bars and taverns across the lands. Through his numerable good deeds and pure spirit Tryst channeled the love of his followers that he'd accrued and deified him. His Tavern-Temples can be found serving healing brew throughout the land as a neutral grounds for all.

Nemk - Patron of Restless Dead - NE Edit

An ambitionless young god, the patron of the restless dead trapped upon the mortal plane, Nemk is an ephemereal and unknowable god to nearly all, with her ghostly angels refusing to speak to all but her undead subjects.

Noshudall - LE - The Undead Emperor Edit

A lich who attained godhood and who espouses that a future empire of undeath shall claim all of The Material Realm and he shall be its herald and lord, granting power to all those who serve him dutifully.

Otteleron - CG - Champion of the Meek Edit

God of the peoples defenders he supplies power and luck to those who champion and stand up for the weak and downtrodden of any nation or walk of life.

Qurulle - Patron of Blood Sport and Costly Gambles - CN Edit

An aspect of Tryst Qurulle is patron of casinos, arenas of bloodsport and those who spend each day gambling their lives against fate. Unmerciful and uncaring at the cost of your bets she and her followers offer no regret beyond consoling words to try again when a customers drained broke for they knew what they bet before they placed it.

Pteye - Mistress in the Winds - CN Edit

The Goddess of the Winds and Rains she is worshiped most devoutly by sailors and people in regions that are at the whim of the elements. (Monsoon areas, Drought, Tornados, Tsunami etc) Seen as both life giving and healing through her rainfall which grants water to plants to sailors alike and her winds with which to propel them over water. But also destructive and chaotic with her natural disasters.

Soros - The Mad Tyrant of Obul - LE Edit

Once a man it is unknown how he appears for at his ascendance he crafted a massive keep in The Outer Realm and locked himself in, controlling his army of Hive-minded slaves. Because you see, Soros was the Magister King of a city in the high mountains of Makron. And in a vast ritual he cast with his entire power and mind-linked networked of mages he sacrified his entire magical staff to forcible Hive-Mind his entire city. This caused a rip in the fabric of reality as he asserted control and siphoned the life power of an entire city into himself and was ascended to The Outer Realm. But when reality tore and Soros left, something else came into the city, we know this because know one who has set out to find the city of Obul ever returns.

Urpuk Gorbrukov - Wallbreaker and Tyrant Slayer - CG Edit

God of seige breakers and tyrant killers, wherever revolutionaries cry out against their lordly oppressors Urpuk lends their mattocs and scythes weight and the dark deep so that the masters blood runs in the streets. Must cut out the rot of a government before it can regrow more healthily.

Wakate - LN - The Champion of the Cause Edit

God of all warriors and heros who champion a cause over their own might, for a sword without reason carries as much importance as a landslide, destructive yet pointless.

The Witherer - CE - The One Who Feeds On Misery Edit

A crippled torturer whose long winding road of a tale could make a Deathknight weep, but at the end of their agonizing trail of revenge and blood they bound and tortured a god to death, a god whose name they ripped from history before slaying. All those who hate enough, or take enough pleasure through the pain of others, may fall under The Witherers domains.

Yadib - Dancer in the Desert - NG Edit

Once a hermit who lived out deep in the sands of the desert Yadib wasn't a man in truth, but a spirit of the sands. For ages the Mahar people across the entire desert kept small huts out apart from their tribes and would twice a year travel out and leave offerings for Yadib. For his followers, or flock, believe the harsh reality of the Mahar is much more ferocious than any man, and while travelling the sands, all conflicts are shelved until safety is once more attained. But one day during The EverNight the Princess Nada was sent out away from Tellax with a band of her most trusted guardians. But Mehmek had woven himself amid the group before their escape, and begun sewing chaos and mistrust, brewing dissent and leading them further into the desert instead of toward the safety of Coraza. But Nada had spurned the small gods of her people, refusing to bow before the fickle spirits and deities she believed caused the downfall of her civilization, and thus none of her troupe had left offerings to Yadib for help, and so he watched. But day after day Mehmek led them deeper into the Mahar toward their deaths, into the mouths of predators and the swords of bandits. When her last guardians realised their mistake they cursed themselves for their lack of perception and bid her flee while they gave up their lives to occupy Mehmek while they dedicated their final moments to Yadib. In a meeting lost to winds Yadib found Nada exhausted and dying in the sun and took pity upon her, and gave the last of his power to transport the Princess away from the desert and to safety. But as his spirit faded back to The Outer Realm the goddess Tryst took notice of him and gifted him a portion of her power, restoring him and granting him a trace of her divine spark.