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Tumor Snails Edit

An unpopular form of travel for reasons of its creation and method of transportation both. A Tumor Snail is a necromantic item which resembles a large snail shell with a pulsating leathery tumor sticking out from in it instead of snail. These are made with a special kind of flesh eating snail which has been allowed to feat on the body of someone who died from Porting Pox. (A rare magical disease contracted through extended travel or extreme teleportation mishap.) As they eat an attending mage must cast sending spells upon the snails to imprint specific locations upon them, effectively locking in the teleport target during its creation. Useful for necromancers who wish an effective escape contingency to one of their preplanned safe houses.

The use of a tumor snail is incredibly unpleasant, as to activate the snail you must smash it hard against your chest or head. This causes two effects, the first is that your are covered in horrible smelling ooze and oils for a time, and the second is you are transformed into an ethereal gaseous cloud and lose control of your form as you zip across the world to the Tumor Snails pre-set location where upon your arrival you reform whole. (this includes the gross ooze on you. Which if not washed off within 1-2 hours will cause a sickened condition, DC 14 ConSave or contract Porting Pox after.)

Average Price: ~super variable, not many people are even willing to buy them and they must have their destination chosen at creation~