True Gods of Acrea Edit

The "True Gods" of Acrea who stayed behind in The Outer Realm to maintain contact with The Material Plane. These Gods wield much more power than the rest of the "Gods" of The Outer, are widely worshipped across Acrea and their Realms are absolutely vast in reflection of their power and influence.


Anorsol - Benefactor the Land - LG - "The greatest gift we have is to live in comfortable agreement with the land."Edit

-=Domains - Law, Protection, Good, Healing =-

The oldest brother of the gods, he's patient, methodical, and kind. After Xakan and Yunia formed light and matter Anorsol began writing the laws of nature. In this it is said he has emplaced the golden rule. Take what you must, give what you can. His followers are typically humble farmers and men of the land. Anorsol bids his followers treat each other, and the land, with respect. To live within the ease of the land and to modest comfort so that all may equally benefit from the land. Anorsols clerics typically travel the farmlands assisting with healing the people, beasts, and plants of the land. Paladins typically travel alongside Anorsols clerics as guards on the road and to put an end to evil which threatens the people and land as his clerics are not typically of the combative type. (Druids can be found worshipping Anorsol as well, tho it is debatable if their powers comes from the land or from Anorsol himself as many more do not acknowledge any of the Gods and only the land.)

Ansam - Seeker of Knowledge - LN - "Knowledge is power"Edit


-=Domains - Law, Knowledge, Protection, Magic =-

Younger only than Anorsol, Ansam is much like his brother. Both are bent to analytics and structure, but where Anorsol was entranced with life and its myriad chaotic possibilities; Ansam was in love with merely the knowledge of how it all worked, and why. Because, Ansam knew, knowledge is power. When Xakan and Yunia finished creation of the prime material Ansam wept with joy, for he had discovered and learnt everything there was for him to know amid his reach of The Outer Realm. So it is said when Yunia granted dominion of the material, he waited and graciously declined. He waited until the Prime Material had settled and life had a chance to sprout, and he performed a ritual to bind his powers into his Great Library of Churolykus and began to walk the land so that he may freshly begin to learn of this new realm with the virgin eyes of a "mortal". He has since spent time on the Prime Material on several occasions, the last officially recorded and verified incarnation of Ansam was sometime during The EverNight as he strove to figure out why it happened at all, and how it would change things, in his words, "It changes everything!". The uninitiated sometimes ask why if Ansam is the god magic why he studies it, the simplest response is commonly "Your body is yours totally yes? Then please, tell me exactly how the blood flows through your body or why all eyes percieve a color more or less the same amongst one another." Although even the most basic initiate of Ansams would be quick to point out the inaccuracys of this metaphor it stands amongst the lay.

A point of confusion amongst outsiders aswell is that Ansam is used as both a male and female name interchangeably as are Ansams pronouns, this is because Ansam attempts to walk every path of life possible to see each point of knowledge from each possible angle.

Belas - He who is bound in Chains - LE - "That which you cannot break, you bind, that which you cannot bind will be set free"Edit


-=Domains - Law, Evil, Trickery, Darkness =-

The strongest of the Gods individually he strove to take over all of the material plane through a grand ritual he had imagined after a long and far foray into the depths of The Outer Realm at first following the path The Elder Gods took on their departure. The other gods, dismissing his plans as wild ramblings ignored his machinations and the voices of the fellows he drew into his heresy. Spouting that The Material Realm was older and more real than The Outer Realm by far and that instead of trying to use its contents to harvest power through their domains they should bind and harvest its power. A few gods sided with him in word and small gift of support never truly believing the stories their siblings wove and suspecting a deeper reason to the War in The Outer Realm. So his brothers and sisters met in secret to plot, they never told him of their misgivings or fears and to Belas and his followers the others appeared to dismiss their claims. Believing his siblings to merely be ignorant and uninformed of the new power and state of being he would elevate them all to he created his rituals and planned amongst his disciples, but not in secret. When he was ready he invited his siblings to attend the ceremony so that they may see the glory of his new era in person. But during the ceremony they sprung their trap, Ansam had secretly altered and sabotaged the ritual and with the help of the others they fueled it and with it captured their brother. His prison was formed and bound him to a new plane of the Outer Realm created parallel and with the fabric of Belas own Plane. The binding collapsed and fused the theoretical realm of Belas prison with his own Plane binding its strength to his own and forming the power and ritual infused plane of Tartarus. In his last moments Belas sent as many of his disciples out amongst The Material as he could each with a token of their lineage and a deep seated destiny bound to their line of immense power. With his plans seemingly sealed and thwarted the Gods who had sided with Belas were momentarily cowed by the united power of their siblings and were sent back to their planes knowing the unification of their siblings couldn't last forever and their new era would one day come to reign.

Carroth - Lord over the Dead Lands - LN - "All things will one day walk The Pale Sands"Edit


-=Domains - Death, Law, Darkness, Time =-

A grim and morose God, he dwells in his plane The Pale Sands, a massive desert of bone dust. The Pale Sands is the largest of the few places discovered in the multiverse where souls naturally flow to in the afterlife. Carroth holds sway over the domains of death and undeath, to him the body is meaningless beyond a natural measure of life. Privy to the secrets of the soul he strives to ensure the [[[[[[[[[[WIP=== The Pale Sands is where the souls are devoured by the Daemons, the Daemons themselves have no souls, in place of a soul is a powerful gem where the souls they devour is sent to the Pale Hall, where Carroth himself renews the souls to be send back to The Prime Material. All things will one day walk the Pale Sand, eventually, and when they do they will be smelted down and renewed to once again return the The Prime Material, even the beings of The Outer Realm.

Character Options::

Carroths Herald (Paladin Archetype)


Igniurra - The Consuming Flame - CN - "Turn The Material to cinders"Edit

-=Domains - Destruction, Fire, Chaos =-

The sibling to Xakan, Igniurra is the Lord of Consuming Flame, it is fire, although Xakan has domain over fire aswell his is the constructive fire of stars forging the matter of creation. Igniurra is the consuming flame, prone to bouts of what appear to be senseless, insane rage between lengths of calm he is often seen as a senseless force of nature, but Igniurras' siblings offer warning that it hides a violent cunning behind that rage. As one of Belas' followers amidst his Heresy; Igniurra now continues to quietly espouse those beliefs. Whispers of these heresies are often made by its followers, that the True Gods didn't create the Material and that claiming so is the hubris that would lay them low. All that is consumed by fire in Igniurras name adds to Igniurras power through the connection of with its domains. It believes there is far more power to be gained through consuming the Material Plane than attempting to siphon from its worship. Igniurra waits for the day Belas returns, mistakenly believing he will allow Igniurra to simply consume it; but that is one of the furthest plans from Igniurras mind as it's intent on more direct matters.

Ingus - Lord of Battle - CN - "It matters not from where the blood flows, only that it does."Edit


-=Domains - War, Glory, Fire, Chaos =-

Before the war of the gods Ingus didn't exist within the the Outer Plane, but during the war through the uncompareable forces unleashed upon each other he sprang to being.  A massive God of pure focused destruction he has very little to say and doesn't frequently interfere in the affairs of deities.  His influence is mostly felt by his followers, warriors all! And upon the field of war where he will sometimes bestow a gift of great power to a warrior of sufficient faith and courage, wether they be good or evil matters not, only that the blood flows.  Although Ingus may seem like a god of darkness and evil he disdains murder, assassination and subterfuge in all its' forms instead praising fair combat in all matters. His clerics and Paladins of Ingus are not exceedingly different in disposition and holy orders, they are typically attached to armies or warbands as a battle healer, always found in the front lines where the most glory is to be had.

Makuth - Archon of Murder - NE - "All lives end, we merely speed their journey to its end."Edit


-=Domains - Evil, Death, Trickery. Darkness =-

The twin of Xakan, Makuth is the darkness that is created by light. He is the dichotomous twin of Xakan. Makuth fought alongside his brother in The War of the Outer Realm, he holds sway over shadow, he and his army of assassins flew from shadow to shadow, ending lives like ink dropped in water, a tide of darkness slaying all. Makuth has no real aims upon the realms, since the wars he formed his own plane upon one of the bloodiest battlefields of the Outer Realm War. With the blood and trapped souls from the godly armies lying slain upon the field he formed a great labyrinth of darkness and death. At the center lies the Tomb of Night, Makuths personal palace. Within the Night Labyrinth he trains his angels of murder, The Karashish, within the Night Labyrinth are realms of different environments and magically stocked with beasts and dangers to constantly train his greatest followers. During The EverNight Makuths power swelled to stretch across realms, his powers swelled and he created a series of Night Labyrinths across The Outer Realm upon all of the battlefields of the gods war. He anchored his new realm together with a single Night Labyrinth upon Acrea somewhere, hidden with great magics it functions has his holiest temple upon The Prime Material, and a bridge into his Night Labyrinths in The Outer Realm.

Morstin - Mountain Father - LN - "And from mountains does my blood journey forth"Edit

-=Domains - War, Glory, Law, Protection =-


Taking domain over the mountains is Morstin, Master of Fortification. He spends his days in his plane building larger and more elaborate fortresses with his students and disciples. Upon their plane, The Gauntlet, they wage eternal war upon each other in war games to hone their craft and have fun. The followers of Morstin believe you should take joy in your craft and in war if done honorable and to the best of your abilities. A single drop of blood onto Acrea seeped into the veins of the planet at it's birth before The War in the Outer Realm, after the war they found Dwarfs had grown upon the world, so Morstin took them under his fold and protection as his children and gifted them with his similar skills.

Character Options::

Oath of the Mountain (Paladin Archetype)

Mountains Fist (Fighting Style)

Quianoxical - Serpent who fully devours - CE - "Chomping teeth tear and gnash "Edit

-=Domains - Evil, Chaos, Madness, Void, Monsters =-


Formed during The War in the Outer Realm when the ripples of the Godly conflict hit the Prime Material it created the first black holes crushing whole galaxies and the almost instant death of so many inhabited planets and stars fueled the birth of Quianoxical, a god whose true form is unfathomable to creatures living in only four dimensions, an infinite many headed serpent with teeth that can break down reality itself with the force of unstoppable destruction. The birth of Quianoxical was the event that signaled the end of the War in the Outer Realm. Quianoxical tore through the armies of the Gods indiscriminately, the Gods Old and Young united and brought their entire strength to bear. Quianoxical devoured almost a full quarter of the diefic armies and a number of Gods as well, including one of The Elder Gods, before the united armies of The Outer Realm could bind him. He was trapped until The EverNight, when Makuth expanded his plane of the Night Labyrinth his weakened Quianoxicals prison. Smarter, and more cunning than his brethren took him for Quianoxical did not try to break his way free, for he knew the Gods would notice, and he would not escape. So he sent forth spores, with a spark of his horrible divinity he gave birth to the greatest monsters and terrible creatures The Prime Material ever knew barring The Great Old Ones. Now Quianoxical waits for his spawn to cause enough terrible havoc on The Prime Material that he may break free on day. It is whispered by the voices of a new era that Quianoxical is merely a tool for the Gods to use to destroy The Material Realm itself to herald in a new rebirth, as their heretical tales speak The Material Plane exists in an infinitely expanding and contracting cycle of reincarnation so long as to be unnoticeable by even the Gods and it was merely this iteration of the pre-existing Material Realm that Gods found and claimed as their own.

Tryst - Fatetwister and God of Games - CN Edit

- "What's the point of a life without excitement?" -


-=Domains - Chaos, Trickery, Fate, Divination, Games =-

Tryst is a many faced and aspected God and one of The Original Gods. But Tryst is not a single "all powerful" entity as some of the other Gods claim, or act as if they were. Tryst is more akin to many Godlings in many forms spread amidst the Planes and The Material. They wander the Planes spreading fun, challenge and rewards as they go, not to mention chaos, havoc and madness.

Some of the events the aspects of Tryst have masterminded.

> The Creation as well as the eventual fall of The House of Games, one of the Fey High Houses.

> A Multitude of battles and duels amidst Trysts fellow Gods and Godlings. Some of the Gods with a less favorable outlook on Tryst have been heard secretly wondering if Tryst didn't create The War in The Outer Realm as well.

> The Demon Lords of The Primordial Chaos breaking into EarthSlumber and the ensuing events of The Vault of Madness.


Unoth - The Iron Mind - NG - "Strength within, strength without"Edit

-=Domains - Good, Healing, Protection, Mind, Law =-

Unoth is one of the youngest of the True Gods, she was the "daughter" of Hosheshein, Goddess of Order and supreme judge of the Gods, who left after the War of The Heavens, leaving Unoth to try and keep her brothers and sisters in check. There are no longer any wars within the Outer Realm amid her siblings, although she is called forth to judge their petty squabbles. She mainly focuses her attention on the Prime Material where she attempts to instruct and guide her followers to a better life through order and logic. A major religion among the temple steppes of Khogar but less widely worshiped elsewhere, Unoth is the goddess of Mental Well-being and fortitude of Will. A favorite of monks and psionics as many of her daily religious observances also serve as mental exercises. Her tenets are to strive to keep a clear mind and a level of focus above the common folk to ensure wise decisions may be made to help the whole community.

Xakan - He who formed the Sun - CG - "Under the purifying light of the sun all is reborn"Edit


-=Domains - Good, Chaos, Fire, Healing =-

Xakan, one of the mightiest of the Gods, his title "He who formed the Sun" is a bit misleading. The stories say Xakan didn't only create the sun of Acrea, but ALL of the stars through the whole of reality. Bound inextricably to the pure magic and fury of the stars he is both the stars that forge the matter of reality and the furious solar flare scourging those too close of life. Xakans word is that the necrotic and darker magics of the material are eating away at the foundations of reality and the magic that hold it all together. And so like when dealing with a plague or infection, or how a wild fire burns a dead forest, the entire area must be scourged and cleansed so that life may bloom and flourish for others. He believes that by combating the necrotic curse as he sees it he may prolong the existence of The Material.

Yunia - Maiden of the Moon - LN - "Shine on"Edit


-=Domains - Darkness, Knowledge, Magic, Travel =-

Where Xakan is the firey and angry father of creation Yunia is the calming mother. It is said Yunia crafted and shaped the physical matter of reality to correspond to the energy and matter Xakans stars infused into the plane. With a single command she brought order form the chaos, giving stars their shape and planetary bodies their positions and the rules of their movement. Once done she handed it off to her brothers and sisters, giving up her claim to what she made. Content to watch over the night and all that may happen within it, happy to watch and lightly guide the Prime Material that it may continue on-wards. She holds a certain pride over the civilizations of Acrea, even the wild and perceived barbaric societies for although their codes are their own they operate under their own order in a way. For pure order is boring, stagnant, which is why she wields so little direct influence. Innovation and creation in even the darker sides of life please her. What she cannot abhor is the senseless destruction and chaos that certain factions seek such as the Demon Lords or Quianoxical. {\rtf1}