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The Spider Fang Edit

Once a small Drow warcamp within Rest (of EarthSlumber) run by a small team of slavers it is now a neutral outpost run by the slaves who were once held captive. The outpost was carved as a series of walkways and carved out caves and stalagtites in a time long past. The path up to The Spider Fang is an 8' wide switchback staircase carved into the wall of the cave. In later years someone, most likely the Drow or Deurgar, built a large self-weighted elevator about 10'x10' and capable of carrying up to 3,000 lbs. Operated by a single lever at the top. The Spider Fang is named because of its location

above a large colony of Giant Spiders who've strung a large weave of webs under the Outpost always having a symbiotic agreement with the people of the Outpost above. The spiders guard The Spider Fang from obvious attackers and don't attack anyone in the actual outpost, and in turn the people of the outpost toss their dead and dying down to the webs below.

Derro - Brom

Dindlebuk~ Derro Cleric of Makuth

The current leader of The Spider Fang is a Svirfneblin by the name of Dindlebuk who was instrumental in the slaves turn of escape mission into take over. A Cleric of Makuth (trickery or murder domain) with access to 2d6 sneak attack and the assassinate rogue ability. He leads a small contingent of loyal Nelundor Orcs who had previously been held under magical compulsion as slaves, freed by Dindlebuk during the slaves escape they are now loyal followers of him and Makuth as well as acting as the outposts loyal guards.

Points of Interest. Edit

The Promontory ~ Tavern Edit

Run by one Merv Stonestout (Mountain Dwarf lvl3 Bard of Lore), one of the ex-slaves. A relatively young Dwarf with a ruddy complexion and a large brown mustache and soulpatch. The Promontory is "co-owner" by Merv, Croak and J.J.

The Promontory occupies the old Drows slavers dining hall and barracks. A single large room (approximately 60'x40') contains a lounge, open cooking pit and bar. A single backdoor behind the bar leads to a lone back room (approximately 20'x30'), a crack in the ceiling supplies a steady drip of water allowing the growth of a large garden of edible moss and mushrooms. The sleeping hall is the old Drow Barracks, setup in a long 15'x40' cave a large series of spider-web hammocks are strung up along both sides of the room.

One Night Lodging = 1 gold ( or barter )

One Large Meal (includes mug of water or mushroom beer) = 1 gold ( or barter )

(Typically Merv cooks one large meal or prepares one each day, all solidly based around the mushrooms he grows. Thus he puts a high value on any spices up for trade.)

J.J.'s Trading Post ~ General Merchant Edit

Occupying one of the "elite" garrisons of the Drow slavers the charismatic J.J. runes this Trading post by himself for the most part, but for Croak who runs the more magical wares and services and Stef Gulley, J.J.s bodyguard who he saved from imprisonment. The Trading Post occupies the old elite barracks for the officers of the Drow slavers which had been carved into a large stalactite. He would have picked the High Priests chambers so he could desecrate their old temple but he takes what he can get, it was more of a passing interest anyway. J.J.s quarters as well as Croaks research chambers are on the floor above the main room and the special stock is kept in the top room.

Regular Stock - He somehow always his enough of each of the following items in stock as long as he is left to his own devices in operating the shop.

All "Standard" adventuring equipment in the PHB at double price but for a few exceptions. Not all items kept in stock at all times and some may be in few quantity than others. (Exceptions to stocked adventuring equipment; Arcane Focuses, Druidic Focuses, Holy Symbols, Holy Water, Magnifying Glass, Potions of Healing, Rations, or Spyglasses)


--=Cost=-- --=Quantity=--
Croaks Identify Service ~50g refund if item turns out to be cursed 200g N/A
Croaks Translation Services 50g N/A
Everglowing Lantern ~Heatless 300g 3
Eviscera (+2 "Thorned" Whip ~evil weapon, deals additional 2d8 necrotic damage to Good creatures) [was the Drow leaders.] 6,000 1
Mushroom Bars ~1 day rations 1g ~50/week
Bait Balls ~add water to this mysterious ball to make it begin emitting a powerful bloody/meaty scent which is sure to attract predators for a good distance~ 2g ~10/week
Drow Poison Bolts(x5) ~Crossbow bolts dipped in sleeping poison used by drow. DC 13 Con save or fall asleep. 100g 100
Light Snapstick (white chalk) 2g 25/+5weekly
PoisonSpray Snapstick (green chalk) 20g 25/+5weekly
Reverberating* Blue Sapphire Elemental Gem (Air ~large)(*Reforms one time allowing it to be used twice, elementals not happy about it and isn't immediately sent back to the Outer Realm the second use.) 11,000 1

Dramatis Personae Edit

Dindlebuk - "HeadKnife of Makuth" - A Derro cleric of Makuth who during the slaves escape attempt saw what he believed to be a divine chance, and he took it. Leading the slaves in a desperate, but succesfull, attempt he overthrew the Drow slavers who'd previously lived here and renamed it "Spiders Fang" after the spiders who guard the outpost from below.

J.J. (Joon-Jalal) - A Svirfneblin (Deep Gnome) who outwardly is an escaped slave turned merchant who runs his own establishment as one of the founders of The Spider Fang. In actuality his past is much more intricate...(A use stats as Svirfneblin with 5 levels Sorcerer (wild magic))

Merv - A Mountain Dwarf from the Corazan Crown Mountains. having moved to Ilstoom Brovak as a rogue merchant (unaffiliated with any Merchant Guild or House) at a young age he's led an exciting life. It was also in Illstoom Brovak where Merv met Croak.

Croak - A Male "Black" Dragonborn (actually a Shadow-Dragonborn), partner to Merv the two of them have been adventuring together for a long time and were both captured by the Drow when a failed teleportation spell sent them the wrong way, down instead of up.

Stef Gulley - An older Human female (Fighter 6) was magically bound and stuffed in a coffin by her nemesis, one Isinzda Whiteheart (High Elf Warlock [6] of the Fey) and kept paralyzed by a set of Manacles of Holding, a set 2 when bound around arms and legs apply the effects of Hold Person with no save. Free'd by J.J. when he found Stef in the Drow leaders special treasure room. Driven mildly insane by isolation she's re-adjusting to life, although with a few ticks.

Dagun Crush - A young Nelundorr Orc captured by the Fire Giants and sold to the Drow he's the chosen leader of the Orcs who'd been held captive here. Most went off to hunt for surface access, but Dagun has become a Paladin 1 of Makuth (murder or death domain). And is enjoying his new found purpose.