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Sun cloak

Sun Cloaks Edit

Created by the Paladins of Xakan in southern Coraza to allow for longer treks into the desert without suffering from the suns ravenous heat. A Sun Cloak appears as a standard cloak the color of the golden Mahar sands. But when worn it actually cools the bearer while under the sun instead of warming them, this effect only lasts for 24 hours at a time, with extreme heat capable of shortening that time.

To renew a Sun Cloak you must allow it to soak and absorb 5 gallons of water, this does not change the weight of the cloak or make it wet, simple renews its charge. The man who invented the Sun Cloaks, Mihkrum Zadon, refuses to explain how it works. What mages have figured out is that the effects are indeed arcane, just beyond their ken.

Average Price: ~1,500-2,000