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Snapsticks Edit

Snapsticks are short lengths of chalk and other materials about two inches long which hold a single spell until broken in hand to activate their contained spell. Most popular are Snapsticks of Chalk which can be made with relative ease, which are then imbued with Cantrips from any spellcaster.

Cantrip Snapstick (chalk) ~Average Cost 25g-50g

Level 1 Snapstick (glass) ~Average Cost 200g-500g

Level 2 Snapstick (Obsidian) ~Average Cost 500g-1200g

Level 3 Snapstick (Gemstones) ~Average Cost 1200g-3000g

Costs extremely variable from seller to seller and how much they believe each spell is worth, for instance a Snapstick of Light may be cheaper than a Snapstick of Poison Spray.