Elf druid
from Acrean Character Options

Circle of the Pack Leader Edit

@Level 3: : Pack Leader

The Druid loses their ability to Wildshape, owning their own mortal form and taking pride in it so that others may recognize you for your majesty and bow.  You become the nominal Pack Leader of your adventuring party, in magical effect even if they do not actually follow you as leader.  You have advantage on skill checks to track/locate, understand or diagnose your allies.  (They must have spent at least 2 days with your group before being accepted into "the pack")

You may instead expend your uses of WildShape to use your Alphas Command ability.

Additionally you may speak to any animal or magical beast, conversing in basic concepts and ideas, not full language.  This is a supernatural ability, you do not literally bark like a dog to speak to a dog etc.

@Level 3: : Alphas Command

You may expend one of your wildshape uses to charm and empower an animal or magical beast within 30'. 

Targets of smaller category to you have disadvantage on the save, and the target may willingly accept the spells benefits if they're amiable to you.

On a successful save they are shaken for one round but afterwards feel challenged and will either flee or strike out at the druid.

On a failed save or if the target accepts the spells effects they are charmed by you for (Wis Mod) Hours, during this time they gain your Prof bonus to Attack rolls, damage rolls, saves you are proficient in, and AC through a "natural armor" bonus.

(?)This is not a pleasant experience for most creatures, especially alphas/predators who do not like being subjugated as it creates a magical aura/collar/armor type deal that grants them the bonuses.(?)

@Level6: : Bow to the Alpha

Animals and Magical Beasts are not immediately aggressive or hostile to you when they become aware of you, briefly identifying you as an alpha or equal of their own kind, and of no interest to them.  As long as you do not provoke them they will allow you to pass, and if persuasion is attempted they begin curious/neutral footing. 

*NOTE* This effect does not project to include allies / groups you are a part of.

@Level10: : Never Hunt Alone(?)

You may expend 2 uses of your Wildshape on a friendly/allied Beast or Magical Creature who has previously been under the effects of your Alphas Command.    You summon a host of small primal spirits to fill and form a primal spirit that is a copy of your target in all stats, except will not make its own choices, when left with a decision or lack of command it will simply sit and exist, happy to breath and be real for however briefly.

This ability lasts a number of hours equal to your Wis mod or until the spirit is killed or banished.  The spirit cannot be healed by anything other than the casting Druids (your) spells.

@Level14: : The Packs Scent

You may always "smell" the direction of any of your allies who've been a part of your "pack" in the last year.  By spending a 1 hour ritual you feel into the flow of magic surrounding Acrea hunting your specific marker.  

As long as your targets are on the Material Plane (and on the planet of Acrea) you can tell if they are alive, dead, healthy or hurt.  

Additionally you know the direction they are in, general environment/area they are in, if they are beyond 10 miles from you.  If they are within 10 miles you may effectively Scry them + surrounding 5-10'