Dramatis Personae of the Realm of Oneiros Edit

Dramatis Personae in order of their appearance

The Deputies of The Realm - Loyal to The Realm (currently) - - The men and women hired by King Piqe to cross the country to the Nightmare ravaged city of Alatrea and see if The Walled City at its top remains, and if so seek Aberforths Asylum in search of an old retired knight, Sir Duncan and return with any information he can grant them.

King William Piqe - King of The Realm - - last remaining member of his royal line of Dreamers, his fiances been kidnapped and he's been thrust into command against a nation wide eldritch cult, he's barely holding together.

Mayor Keri Balormaa - loyal to The Realm - - exCavalry officer turned Mayor of Alford; grateful to the Deputies for restoring peace to her town

Callus Sanguinus - loyal to The Dread Council - - Werewolf abominable berserker who has sworn to take The Deputies down one by one, never to let them finish their mission. Has actually assaulted them once, using his demon possessed chain to devour Ogrok.

Haverton & Dolvia Brunway - loyal to The Realm - - a married couple of dwarf blacksmiths setup in Gadlen, their shop performed the wagon upgrades and silvering for many of the Deputies weapons.

Ashen - Knight Chaplain of the Gleaming Swords - - tried to pressgang The Deputies into joining his militia against The Cult of Nightmares but they convinced him their quest was equally important, if not more, than his.

Sir Berik The Accursed - Ex-Knight of The Realm infected by Nightmare - a Knight of The Realm sent to Brastow to help them try and deal with the Cult of Nightmare cell in their city, but they were more well established and resourcefull than he believed. They summoned a chimaeracore which used is PsychoSpines to pin him to one of the cities fountains. After the chimaeracore had left but before the spines could dissolve back from reality The Cult performed a ritual upon them, making the 7 spines permanent, real. His body and soul, tortured and transformed he is slowly moving closer and closer to a rebirth as Nightmare.

Dunby Barleyflops - new Mayor of Brastow - - A patsy basically for the last Mayor Dern Gallos to handoff the responsbilities to when his city began to be focused on by The Cult of Nightmares and he peaced out. Dunby is the last in a long line of failed brewers and barley/hops farmers whove been plagues with horrible luck.

Stephen - longtime VP/Assistant mayor of Brastow - - He's been working and trying to help the city for the past three years, a native of the city who the people respect as a hard worker who truly believes in the city.

Tzabihm Barast - CEO of Tzabihms Emperors - - Magical gnome merchant and founder of his own line of magical shops. He doesn't much like The Cult of Nightmare but he doesn't see himself in a position to actualy work against them. He has locations across Acrea, his most recent was a rebuilt location in Ezerost to the south but it's main access roads ( to the city / that section of the country ) have been cut off and so he relocated from Brastow south to oversee that location. (also because Brastow isn't in a very comfortable spot at the moment)

Kelmir - Brastow Cell Leader of Cult of Nightmares - - A necromancer of established power with two necromancer apprentices who assist him in his larger rituals and spells. He built and gave "life" to Kelmirs Abomination which he uses as his main offensive resource when subterfuge wont work.

Lakota - Master Tarot Reader - - A Elven Nymph whom mentored Olaf in the art of Tarot Reading. A blind woman whom is accompanied by a bat who guides her way.