Olaf Edit

Olaf / Satyr / Level 8 Bard (College of Tarot) / Chaotic Neutral

Affiliation: Deputies of The Realm

Introduction: Edit

Olaf is a bard from the Primal Realm. A talented minstrel whom will loves to travel around meeting people and seeing what wonders the world holds. He is known to on occasion play a trick or two on someone. While he is also quite proficient with a spear, his true strength comes from his Tarot Cards which can bend fate itself. He is also a Dreamer.

Biography: Edit

Being from the Primal Realm, Olaf grew up in a sense of wonder like many Satyr. The world is vast and the different realms had drawn him into a lust of adventure and song. Olaf learned many instruments and songs from his fellow Satyr, and once he came of age he journeyed to the Material Realm. There he met Lakota. Lakota is a Master Tarot Reader. Olaf met Lakota by chance while stopping at a forest shrine. There Olaf played audience to a ritual he had never seen. Enchanted by the mysterious act, Olaf studied the art of Tarot Reading for 5 years. One day he left Lakota and traveled to Oneiros, where he was recruited as a Deputy of the Realm to help hold back the Cult of Nightmares. To him this is just another song to sing for those who stayed home.

"I will seize fate by the throat; for it shall never overcome me." - Lakota

Personality Traits Ideals Bonds Flaws



Believes limits are just an excuse.

Freedom to choose comes above all else.

Lakota is the mentor of Olaf. He studied under her for 5 years.

Rosi has stayed by his side since they left on their mission. Often staying on his shoulder.

Does not like to stay in one place longer than a month.


Exceptional Feats & Fortuitous Moments Edit

  • Skewered a Swamp Hag with a charge into a wall which tore the life from its body.
  • Convinced a Farmer to pay him to take his cow. (The Farmers own cow)
  • Survived a deadly encounter with Callus Sanguinus.