Sand soldier
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Ohrneprezad, DevilTyrant of Wastes - Warlock Patron Edit

[@1st] Expanded spells Edit

Spell Level Spell Name
1st Burning Hands, Disguise Self
2nd Cloak of Azexjal, Blur
3rd Darkhood, Phantom Steed
4th Confusion, Ash Storm
5th Mislead, Cloudkill

[@1st] Form of the Wastewalker Edit

You're unaffected by hot weather effects and your and movement is unimpaired by sand effects (including up to Quicksand), you are able to see through sandstorms,  and you no longer need to drink to survive.

Additionally once per rest you may shift into the form of the Wastewalker, as a bonus action.   Your body turns to one of sand in your natural shape and you may move through incredibly small spaces but must end your movement in a space large enough to fit your body.  While in this form you gain a fly speed = 1/2 your movement speed and you become immune to non-magic weapon attacks.  This form lasts 10 minutes.  Ability is restored upon a short or long rest.

[@6th] Hunger of the Wastes Edit

You may target a radius of 15' and summon forth the sands of the wastes.  You may choose either ability upon casting.  Both last up to 1 minute with concentration.

  • Sandtrap > Sands seep upward from the earth like a hunting beast, lashing out and entrapping anything that tries to move through the area.  Targets in the area at the beginning of their turn, or who move into the area of effect, must make a Strength save or become immobilised.  May re-attempt the save every turn until the spell ends.
  • Sandstorm > Sands blast upward from the earth possessed with a hungry spirit givin brief time upon the material for a time.  The sandstorm blocks line of sight, and anyone who begins their turn within it, or who moves into it must make Constitution saves, on a save they take half damage.  On a failure they suffer 4d6 necrotic damage, a save failed by 5 or more is also blinded for 1 hour.

[@10th] Sandwalker Edit

You become resistant to fire damage, if you were already resistant you become immune.  

Also, while standing on an area of sand your weapon attacks and spell attacks deal an additional and if you would be hit by a weapon attack you may use your reaction to summon a blast of sand from the ground around you casting Shield as a supernatural ability that requires no spell slot.

[@14th] Sandkings Take Edit

The duration of your Form of the Wastewalker is doubled and no longer applies a movement penalty to flight.  You may now use a Bonus Action while in this form to teleport up to 1/2 your movement to a location within your line of sight and any square you enter in your Sandwalker form has the ground covered in a layer of sand.

Additionally once per long rest when you land a weapon attack or eldritch blast you may inflict the fel energies of Ohrneprezads Wastes directly through you into your target, dealing a bonus 5d10 necrotic damage to your target, if this damage reduces the target to 20hp or lower they must make a Charisma save or their soul is cast directly to the wastes, and their body is otherwise reduced to sand. On a successful save the bonus damage is reduced by half and has no additional effect.