Acrean Character Options

Oath of The Mountain Edit

As a Drengi of Morstin you have been chosen as one of his Champions on The Material Plane. Upon the Drengis' death, or having finished their mission (whether they know of it or not) they are transported to The Gauntlet, Morstins personal domain in The Outer Realm. The Drengis' time on The Material Plane has many purposes, to uphold the laws of Morstin, and to both train and seek glory in Morstins name (and their own) until they ascend to The Gauntlet to wage eternal games of war among the gods.

Drengis are typically chosen from a congregation of Morstins who're in need of dire assistance. Wether that be through a breakdown of local religious order or some evil threat encroaching, a Drengi will be chosen from amid the congregation. Typically the wisest and most venerable stoneworkers of the congregation are chosen to lead.

Tenents of The Mountain // Morstin Edit

Rules of The Gauntlet - As a Champion of Morstin the Drengi is expected to follow the rules of The Gauntlet even when not upon the honored grounds. When at war all means of combat are allowed, although underhanded and cowardly tactics are looked down upon, they are not dissallowed. But in The Gauntlet there are no civilians, only soldiers and those who live for war, yet in the Material Plane there are many. No follower of Morstin may willingly or knowingly allow tactics of war which would endanger the local civilian population and shall not lay harm to anyone who surrenders. ((Although the civilian population or an area may sometimes be moved in which case non-lethal methods are to be used many times required Clerics or Priests to assist.))

Honor The Duel - Duels are the highest form of court in Morstins realm and if there is no judge of the duel they are expected to officiate it. (Assuming they are not taking part in the duel.) Before it begins the Drengi must witness the agreement by both sides and must determine the rules of the duel. (To first blood, death, etc)

The Drengi may not allow anyone to interfere with the fight or allow either to back down without fulfilling the conditions of the fight. Although one participant may allow the other to achieve a free victory by removing their armor and firmly grasping their weapon blade, or head, pointed to the earth. This is considered an incredible act of humility and honor among followers of Morstin, not cowardice.

Laws of The Land - A Drengi must abide the laws of whichever lands they are travelling through as long as they do not directly oppose the laws of Morstin. The only time they may ignore the laws of the land is if they openly declare war upon the land. This is signaled by the flying of a blood red flag with a pair of crossed axes in the center.

Channel Divinity Edit

The Drengi may expend their channel divinity in two ways.

>Hammer of Mountains - The Drengi absorbs the power of Morstin and gains the following benefits for 1 minute.

>> +WIS to hit and damage with weapon attacks and your weapons deal one bonus die of damage.

>> Treated as one size larger for effects such as grapple or strength contests.

>StoneSpeaker - The Drengi may expend channel divinity to cast Stoneshape. The spell may cover up to 10 cubic feet instead of 5 as per usual Acrean homebrew rules.

Mountainous Force Edit

>At Level 7 The Drengis Smite spells deal D10's instead of D8's and anytime the Drengi uses a smite spell he may choose to have the attack deal purely force-type damage. If used on inanimate objects it deals double damage.

Heart of Stone Edit

>At Level 15 The Drengi becomes immune to knockdown, knockback, poisoned condition and charm effects as well as immunity to poison damage and resistance to all nonmagic weapons, fire, lightning, and necrotic damage.

Champion of The Mountain Edit

>At level 20 the Drengi may cast Stoneshape and StoneWall as a supernatural ability twice per short rest. Stoneshape is now cast as a standard action and StoneWall may be cast to be double width, height or length. Formations made with these abilities are permanent and may be shaped to characters desire upon creation.

>Additionally when using Hammer of Mountains the Drengis counts as two sizes larger and their damage die gains two bonus die instead of one.