Magic Items and Artifacts of Acrea. Edit

All of the items we've created for the game that we also remembered to add to the wiki. Some of these are way to powerful if you simply grant them to a player in a core-books game. So be warned, with great power comes great dickery.

Equipment Edit

Artificers Prosthetics




~Standard Toxins

Exotic Weapons Edit

Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
Broadsword 75gp 1d10 (S/P) 7lbs Heavy
Executioners Axe 500gp 1d10 12lbs TwoHands, +1 Crit multiplier
Kopesh 130gp 1d10 (S) 6lbs Versatile (1d12)
Mordenkrad 680gp 2d8 15lbs Heavy, Versatile (2d10), +50% damage to structures
Parrying Dagger 225gp 1d6 5lbs Light, Finesse, (+1d4) AC on dodge action
Triple Flail 260gp 1d12 10lbs Heavy, Reach 10'

Magic Items Edit

---General Edit

  • Snapsticks - common
  • Trigger Scrolls - common
  • Grey Vault Wallets - uncommon

---Coraza Edit

---The Leviathans Maw Edit

Minor Artifacts Edit

---General Edit

---Coraza Edit

  • The Arkivers Case
  • Hands of Mehmek

---The Leviathans Maw Edit

  • Urer, the demon slayer

---Orthome Edit

  • B.A.B.S.S (Brilliant Artificial Battlefield Support System)

Major Artifacts Edit

---Coraza Edit

---The Leviathans Maw Edit

  • Eye in The Nexus
  • Armor of Beil'Tahgn

Kingdom Death Edit

---The White Lion Edit

  • Cat Gut Bow
  • White Lions Hide
  • White Lion Head Raimant
  • Lionspaw Boots
  • Whitelion Skinmask
  • The Cats Hunger
  • 30x White Lion Longclaws
  • Trophy (Fang Necklace)
  • Trophy (Grasping Cats Hands)
  • Trophy (Story of the White Lion)

---The Screaming Antelope Edit

  • Trampling Boots
  • Preserved Gutsack
  • Processed Horn Marrow
  • Hoove Flail
  • Ribcage Shield
  • Tick Infested Mane
  • Antelope Skull Mask
  • Trophy (Antelopes Hunger)
  • Trophy (Screamers Tongue)
  • Trophy (Broken Ribtooth Necklace)

---Bone Savages Edit

  • Savages Blood (10 uses)
  • Broken Face Kunai
  • Savages Bone Half-Plate
  • Savages Blood Paint
  • Trophy (Savage Fetish)
  • Trophy (Strange Stone Face)
  • Trophy (Pack Hunters Token)
  • Strange Bone Sword
  • Heavy BrokenFace Pick
  • Trophy (Bone Jewellery)

---The Butcher Edit

  • Grisly Faced Lantern
  • Butchers Bloody Platemail
  • Butchers Cleaver
  • Trophy (Feared Mans Face)
  • Lantern Cloak
  • Psychic Bloodflask
  • Trophy (Stuttering Lantern)
  • Trophy (Butchers Hook & Blade)
  • Trophy (Broken Cleaver)
  • Trophy (Shriveled Iron Lungs)

---The Manhunter Edit

  • Reverberating Lantern
  • Baroque Executioners Pistol
  • Lynchmans Vest
  • Veteran Hunters Tools
  • Trophy (Candied Heart)
  • Trophy (Wrestlers Gloves)
  • Trophy (Pit Diggers Spade)
  • Manhunters Silver Flask
  • Manhunters Shade
  • Manhunters Locket

---The Kingsman Edit

  • Lantern Halberd
  • Cape of the Kingsman
  • Kingsmans Replica Plate
  • Royal Brooch of Shielding
  • Kings Proclamation
  • Kingstep Greaves
  • Trophy (Chain of Office)
  • Trophy (Still Beating Heart)
  • Trophy (Gavel of the Kingsman)
  • Trophy (Scroll of the Kingsmans Musings)

---The Kings Hand Edit

  • Raimant of the Hand
  • Gauntlets of Office
  • The Hands Cloak
  • Trophy (Rings of The Hand)
  • Crown of The Hand
  • Bracers of Hands Defense
  • Trophy (Porcelain Mask)
  • The Hands Misericorde
  • Trophy (Scroll of The Hands Teachings)
  • The Hands Boots

---Watcher in the Dark Edit

  • ~

---The Phoenix Edit

  • ~

Legends of Death Edit

---The Great Gold Cat Edit

  • Golden Mane
  • Crown of Golden Eyes
  • Golden Hunters Hide
  • Trophy (Great Lions 3rd Eye)

---Old Knights Mount Edit

  • Old Knights Scabbard
  • Legendary Lantern Saddle
  • Trophy (Legendary Antlers)
  • Screaming Mounts Chalice

---Flensing God Edit

  • Flensing Cleavers
  • Chains of Blood
  • Suit of Flensed Faces
  • Trophy (Witches Grimacing Face)

---Royal Herald Edit

  • Sword of the Royal Herald
  • Trophy (Heralds Crown)
  • Royal Gavel
  • Trophy (Royal Decree)

---Lost Ronin Edit

  • Sword of The Unwritten
  • Sandals of the Lost Ronin
  • Blindfold of the Lost
  • Trophy (Pendant of Contemplation)