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Legendary Characters Edit

Characters who've reached beyond the 20th level begin their Legendary Paths onto the greater stage of fate! Upon reaching 20th level a character steps upon their Legendary Path, Aspect and one Legendary Point.  A Legendary Path acts much like an archetype, where upon they gain additional benefits every 4 levels past 20th. Additional Legendary Aspects are gained every 10 levels above 20 and Additional Legendary Points are earned every 5 levels after 20.

*Proficiency bonus continues to increase every 4 levels as standard rules

Legendary Paths - An additional path of abilities obtained every 4 levels beyond 20

Legendary Aspect- epic level feats

Legendary Points - power pool for your legendary abilities which only refreshes upon completion of a ritual specific to you.  This "ritual" must take atleast a full day of concentrated action before the event restores a Legendary point.  A wizard may spend that time in deep research of newly gained tomes or teaching a school of his students, a rogue may spend that time carousing or serial killing, specific to each character.

Legendary Aspects Edit

Legendary Resistance:  May spend a Legendary Point after rolling a Saving Throw, if you would have failed you may instead pass the saving throw.

Perfect Strike (prereq: Extra Attack): May spend a Legendary Point to combine all attacks that would have been gained by any Extra Attack features into one attack, 1 roll to hit, all attacks worth of damage dice.

Legendary Ability: Spend one Legendary Point as a free action on your turn to treat all ability skills and Saves in your chosen skill as natural 20s until the end of your next turn.

Legendary Cleave:  May spend a legendary point to make all your melee weapon attacks roll against all enemies in one facing that are within your threatened range / reach.