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Underground city
A city mostly built into a large hollowed out stalactite overhanging a massive fissure in the earth which drops far below to a lower section of the Noctis Labrinthus. A widely "accepting" community to everyone, everyone who follows the laws and respects their "betters" that is. Kol Grong is a mixing pot of natives of EarthSlumber, denizens of The Outer Realm and mortals of The Material. The non-elite of the city are growing restless having been oppressed by the caste-like system of rule which keeps the elite in check.

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Crafted in times long ago by exiles of the deep city Koruk'Grom it now stands as a testament to teamwork and

community overcoming hardship. Or at least that's what it once stood as a grand example of. Nowadays its an example of a near monarchy. With the current council leaders and their respective guilds and houses experiencing great profit and benefits while the lowest castes are jailed at whim and forced into slavery. The thin veil of society is barely holding back an all out civil war within the city, and with the emergency of the Demon Lords into EarthSlumber it's only going to get worse.

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The Upper Fissure

The city of Kol Grong is built into a geographicaly unique spot. A large mostly egg shaped cavern, 500' in height is broken by a massive fissure through the center of the cavern floor; and from the ceiling a single huge stalactite descends down as if striking for the fissure itself. The fissure descends thousands of feet before breaking into a lower section of The Noctic Labrynth, creating one of the largest sources of water to the lower levels of EarthSlumber. The column is 400' leaving a 100' gap from the floor/edge of the fissure to the stalactites tip.

The city itself is carved into the hollowed out stalactite as well as the walls of the cavern and descending a short distance down into the walls of the fissure. The elite, or high class of the city reside in the highest chambers of the city while the general class of the city descends as you descend in the chamber. As a rule of the caste system a good portion of the city isn't even allowed onto the main stalactite of Kol Grong, known as Kol Grong Proper.

Caste System


A Hammer of Kol Grong

The city has a tiered system of rights and laws which governs it and holds it in a state of tension. The system is basically as follows.

  1. Azir, Earth Gnasi, members of The Council and so forth.
  2. Duergar, Drow, Deep Gnomes and The Hammers of Kol Grong. (their law enforcement)
  3. Merchants, Mercenaries and other clearly useful members of society.
  4. Outsiders/Above Worlders/Slaves/Laborers

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