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10 Schools of Khogar

10 Steppes of Khogar

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Current Day Summary Edit

Khogar WIP sketch

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Khogar is a very odd continent, built in shelves that stretch upwards further and further. Most scholars agree that they have no logical scientific processes that would form a landmass in such a way but there must be. The Steppes, or levels, of Khogan are guarded by a castle at the entrance to the path upwards to the next floor. To advance through each castle you must present a token or key, unique to each guardhouse, to the spirit or guardian who resides therein. If you present the correct key you may travel onwards, each level Khogan is home to bigger and more dangerous creatures the higher up you go.

The lower two tiers of Khogar are currently the only Steppes with people living upon it permanently. The upper tiers were affected much more violently then the lowers. No one has passed beyond the fifth tier in over 400 years. Today (582 AEN) Khogar is a fairly stable country of temperate\boreal climate. The land is extremely fertile and produces a ton of food and animals grow large and quickly, making food their largest export, and no one goes hungry typically as good food is so cheap. As Khogar is a mixing pot of peoples and cultures it has a very diverse in market, religion and cuisine. Khogar has no solid government to speak of but "nobles" (self appointed or originally from another land) can bend their will to the land with money, sword or influence. But overall Khogar is techinically ruled by The 10 Schools of Khogar, although only the First and Second school remain open. They are the final say in all matters on The Island but typically only influence the island apart from major issues.

On the 6th day of Yearstart, the esteemed Jur'Shu , Master of The First School, passed away of old age. In his dying hours he wrote a very special letter and addendum to his will, pertaining to a certain group of "heroes" living in the small town of Moshuh. Witness to it was his brother Naranbaatar Master of The Second School , although he did not understand his dying brothers wishes they were within his right to ask.

On the 9th day of Yearstart 587AEN Naranbaatar sent out the Jeweled Samurai to gather those dictated in Jur'Shus' final will back to him at the 2nd Steppes Headmasters Office

This would be the day the history books declared the Age of Steppes began on the land of Khogar.

Origin Story of Khogar Edit

Local legends say that their patron deity Khogarveshi (widely accepted to be a reincarnation of Ansam) on his path to the Outer Realms pulled the ocean floor upwards and formed the land. Upon his 10-Fold Meditations he learned many universal truths and philosophies to take onward. He learned of a grand ritual through which he could ascend beyond the Prime Material and into The Outer Realm. His path to Ascension was a very inwardly strict and dangerous method, for the energies tapped into and used could rend ones body, mind, and soul from the very fabric of The Material. Each Steppe was crafted through meticulous spells and golden geometries to help channel ones self into harnessing their own power. And for 100 years he molded and carved the land into his perfect beginning, but knowing that like all things they change with time. He was happy with the knowledge that his land would change and grow with time and each generation, and that this was how it should be. No land should be kept greedily to oneself.

It is said the Gods looked down upon Khogarveshi and his work and found it pleasing, gifting it with life and vigor. Bringing natural order to Khogar that it may last upon Acrea. Khogarveshi, taken aback by the honor The Gods paid upon him he wept with joy, for now truly his land was meant to be. When he believed he had properly paid his thanks he gathered his pupils and set foot upon Khogars fresh soil. Rolling hills of vibrant green grass stretched to the woods in the distance. Animals never before seen on the world roamed the wilds and plains, it was as if Khogarveshi hadn't formed his own land, but brought form to one which was always there. Khogvarveshi and his disciples setup a vast tent city, using their boats to form a few more sturdy buildings and feasted and celebrated. Giving great thanks and praise to the gods and spirit of Acrea herself, there were many rituals, ceremonies and sacrifices made. The celebration lasted a full month before they had agreed to have given proper thanks to Acrea and The Gods.

His Disciples separated into their 10 schools of Khogar, and with bitter sweet goodbyes Khogarveshi led his people onward. Following the Path of the 10-Fold Meditation he led his disciples on, at each tier Khogarveshi would bid goodbye to one of his schools of Svakti, for each Steppe was the domain of a single school. As they travelled they saw many large and dangerous beasts amid the newly wild lands, but all gave deference to the travelling Caravan and gave them wide berth. For the animals knew the father of their land and would never willingly harm him. Upon the summit Khogar and his greatest Disciples wrought the most beautiful city of the smoothest stone and perfect angles. Built along the lines of power and embodying the virtues of the 10-Fold Meditations the city even brought King Knor to his knees with tears of happiness. Said to be crafted so perfectly that anyone could attain nirvana by spending a full fortnight within its walls.

Over the next 50 years Khogarveshi and his Disciples built a series of towns and cities upon their Steppes and many people from across the world came to Khogar to begin a new life. Khogar quickly became a bustling and lively country with a vast and diverse peoples. It was a dangerous land apart from the cities constructed by The Schools for the land was created by great beings of power and that power flowed through the land and creatures born of it. This power also transferred to the plants causing them to grow faster, larger and healthier than anywhere else and the Earth ran deep with the purest veins of ore. Khogar was the most prosperous land upon Acrea almost overflowing with wealth and it's people lived in grand comfort and happiness from the great cities of The Schools to the homely countryside. None lived with mortal complaints and all prospered.

That all changed with The EverNight.