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The Isle of Cai Edit

The largest land mass in the South West of Acrea it is still shrouded in mystery.  The outer ring of the island is a harsh dry desert which stretches from the coast to the mountain range further inland.  The Walled Mountains stand up to 6,500+ feet above sea level at their highest.  Sharp cliffs form the outer face of the mountain range but few have attempted to cross them, for lack of water source and harshness of climate make an attempt at exploring much more difficult.  Halfway into the mountains they earn their name, a wall, standing about 200 feat high and almost 50 feet thick, its origins are unknown although tales abound.  It is possible to cross the wall, but it drops away to almost double the walls height on the inner side almost universally, a sheer cliff, unnaturally precise and smooth.  On the inside of the walls there is little information, and none of it reliable.  What can be deduced from the mountains and air is that the mountains quickly turn from arid desert to high altitude jungle and the deeper to the core of the island you look, the older and larger the trees get and the denser the canopy.  Loud noises, reminiscent of animal calls but much louder, echo outwards from the interior of the island.  The more superstitious natives believe the noises to be the sounds of their gods displeasure, researchers and explorers tend to claim more earthly explanations.

- The Pharaoh's Rise

The People of CaiEdit

The indigenous people of Cai are a hardy breed, living on the sun baked sands of the Islands outer rim they quarry stone from their mountains and fish from the sea.  The sun beats down on the island most of the day, with the shores getting very little shade till sunset, endless waves of sand cover the only easily accessible land and fresh water is scarce making farming incredibly tough on most of Cai.  It's a hard life that would typically keep a civilization behind but the people of Cai seemed to have flourished; and they are not the first to have done so as the monuments and cities of a past people are a stark reminder of the Islands mysterious history.

Settlements of Cai Edit

In the outer ring of Cai, 3 major cities exist. Although Cai's outer ring is very large, life in the desert can be very unforgiving. This has caused the native people to stick together more, creating very few (but very large) cities. These cities are named Ash' LaTuum, Ves' Karthak, Purr'ees.

Ash' LaTuumEdit

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Ash' LaTuum is located in the southwestern point of Cai's circle. It is the largest of the 3 settlements on Cai and is ruled by Grand Sultan Jaffar Fushra. Ash' LaTuum is most known for its large natural supply of gold, iron, and oil. These resources are so plentiful in Ash' LaTuum that there are almost no native farmers or crafters, all of the city's goods are bought and shipped from either Ves' Karthak or Purr'ees. Ash' Latuum does have some artisans who are extremely adept at crafting with the city's plentiful resources. The finest suits of armor and weapons, as well as the most wondrous masterpieces of gold can be found nowhere else but in Ash' Latuum.

Grand Sultan Jaffar has just recently become ruler of Ash' LaTuum, after the previous Sultan (Grand Sultan Kyriabs) passed away. Jaffar did not gain the seat by blood, but instead acted as the Sultans' chief advisor before his death and was rewarded this position for decades of loyal service. He is an excellent ruler, kind and empathic, yet does not lack the courage to do what needs to be done.

Ash' LaTuum has just rolled into a golden age, since Jaffar has taken the throne. On the night of his coronation a second moon appeared in the sky, people took it as Jaffars divine right to rule. Since this event, Ash' LaTuum has been blessed with more gold and rare metals then it could ever wish for. Many natives of Ash' Latuum attribute this to Jaffars many reforms, several of which completely changed the mining operations of the city. Even new metals have been discovered in Ash' LaTuums' mining tunnels, all of which are immediately brought back to the palace laboratories for study.

Ash' LaTuum has very rich culture with a pantheon of gods.  

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