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Female cleric 6

Ironmind Domain Edit

The Domain of the Ironmind is home to those who hold mental fortitude and health above the rest.  For the Mind is the seat of the soul so they say.

@level 1: : Thy Mind is Thy Temple

You gain resistance to psychic damage and resistance to charm/mind control effects and may double your proficiency bonus on saves against those effects. Dreamers may retain this resistance but may not become Immune to those effects.   

Additionally if an ally within 30' of you is forced to make a save against a charm or mind control effect you may use your Bonus Action to grant them a bonus to their save equal to your Prof bonus.

@level 2: : Channel Divinity:  Shut The Gates

You may expend your Channel Divinity to enshroud yourself in the reinforcing presence of Unoth.  You become Immune to Pyschic damage and magical charm/mind control effects and you gain Telepathy 60'  For 1 minute per Cleric level.

Additionally during this time if anything attempts to cast a mind control spell or effect on you their spell automatically fails and they instead take 2d10 Radiant damage.

@Level 6: : Easing The Mind

May cast a ritual (expending a spell slot of your choice) costing 1 Hour & 250gp worth of Saphires, Opals or Pearls per desired spell level.  Your target must remain within 10' of you throughout the entire ritual.  At the end of the ritual their mind is cleansed of impurities and healed, the target heals 1d4 Insanity Points per level of spell used.

@Level 8: : Realm of Clarity

When using your Channel Divinity you additionally grant all allies within 60' resistance to Pyschic damage and resistance to Insanity based effects and if you expend 3 spell levels per ally affected by debilitating magical effects or curses to cleanse them of those effects.  (Below spell level 6)

@Level 17: : Master of Minds(?)