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Illstoom Brovak Edit

Illstoom Brovak
Illstoom Brovak was a vast underground sprawling city made by the Dwarves before the fall of The EverNight.  Without access to the surface they merely continued to dig and build their own subterranean empire.  As their wealth and influence grew they created a massive lift system to carry people and materials up to the surface and back down, within ten years of opening their city to the surface The EverNight fell, and the rest is history.

Battle Cube. Edit

Current Factions of Illstoom BrovakEdit

The Frozen Veil – A cult of ice worshippers typically of the monstrous variety, such as Trolls, Ogres, Giants and other evil intelligent beasts of the North. They are led by a band of Frost Elves who have travelled far across the great glacier to ensure their efforts here continue to move smoothely.

The Lifeless Way – They are a small company of Duergar who maintain the forges of their old home and continue to dig from its' mines and quarries to craft their weapons and armor. They are lead by a group of Necromancers who have enough skeletons left from the original owners to fuel their practices for a long time, not to mention the fresh corpses their soldiers sometimes haul back.

The Black Star – The company running the Battle Cube and policing the open bazaare for Draxumgrogath maintains an office here as well. Not entirely welcome in Coraza because of an understanding with certain factions within it's borders, The Black Star operates as they see fit within Illstoom Brovak after paying their taxes to Draxum. They ensure the city is profitable and operates smoothely so that Draxum may move at his leisure without the work of running the city.

Draxumgrogath – The "King" of Illstoom Brovak he claimed it has his own territory, back when the only things roaming the halls were its' restless dead, and Rumavorm. Draxumgrogath is an old and powerful dragon who lives within The Magma Caves, he typically takes the form of a fiery red and black dressed human who constantly has whisps of steam rolling off his body. As long as everyone pays taxs he is content to merely let The Black Star run the day to day dealings of the city.

Merchants & Fighters – The Black Star maintains the Arena and Main Bazaar for the shady merchants and travellers who make their way to Illstoom Brovak. Within the Bazaar and the common sector is a wide variety of merchants, sellswords, gladiators, explorers, spellcasters and other shady fucks.

Rumavorm - A great ageless demon from The EverNight, it roamed the halls before even Draxumgrogath claimed them as his own. A towering beast of pure malice it has been almost contained within The Steaming Halls by Draxumgrogath, but his spells only last a time before they can renew themselves, which allows Rumavorm to occasionally wander the halls reaping souls for his demonic tally once every few years.