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Character Name / Level 8 Monk (open hand) / Lawful Good / Titles

Deputies of the Realm

Knights Recondite

Introduction: Edit

Hi! I'm Ilia, Wood Elf of the Deep Woods. I love to train, and hone my skills as a martial artist. I'm always on the lookout for a worthy test of my ability. I will stop at nothing to protect my friends and those who are in need. I can usually be found helping people out during my downtime, after training of course! I'm not one for talking much, I like to let my actions speak for me. I may come off shy, but don't be afraid to engage me!

I'm a practiced hunter, and this includes the ability to track and survive off the land. If you need directions, come see me! I enjoy simple things, like quiet meditation, reading, and training!

Biography: Edit

Ilia is a young wood elf, just 216 years old. Standing 5’ tall and weighing in at 100 pounds, she isn’t an imposing sight. She’s very slender, with slight proportions. What she lacks in size, though, she makes up for with speed and finesse. She has copperish skin, and shoulder-length black hair. Her eyes are a dull hazel, always focused.

Ilia was born in a small village hidden in the trees, deep in the heart of Coraza. Her people were hunters, hunting game in the nearby forests. They believed in using every part of their kill, and burying the bones in ceremony. Ilia, from a young age, was always trying to catch squirrels and rabbits by hand. From time to time, she’d have success. She was impressively fast and nimble for such a young elf.

Her people were hunters, but they were not warriors. They looked towards the local master for protection. Out in the woods, there was a famous dojo where only the select few were allowed to train. The master was a wise, old elf who simply went by Blackfoot. In his dojo in the woods, he trained the best students to become defenders of the forest. They were tasked with dealing with threats to the nearby villages.

Ilia attracted their attention with her quick and nimble movements, and her solid determination. When she turned 75, she was formally invited to join the dojo as a student. She graciously accepted, and left her village for the dojo. Here she spent 12 hours per day practicing martial arts, meditation and studying. She physically trained until she could no longer, and then meditated to regain her stamina. During her training, it was discovered that she was one of the lucky few who could unlock her ki, her inner spiritual power. She was adept at harnessing her ki, using it to empower her martial arts. She grew faster and stronger as her training progressed.

She trained to be strong in order to protect the realm. She knew it would be up to them defend those who could not defend themselves. Blackfoot stressed above all else, one must protect those in need. One day, an orc raiding party had made its way to the forest. Ilia was sent, alongside 4 fellow students, to engage the raiding party. Using their study of tactics, and their practiced stealth, they surrounded the Orcs, demanding surrender. The Orcs had none of it, and attacked head on. Two students died in the battle, but the Orcs were slain. Ilia personally bested 4 Orcs, making quick work of them. Upon returning to the dojo, they discovered that it was under attack. The raiding party had been a ploy. She and her remaining allies stormed the dojo, joining the melee that awaited inside. After a long battle, the Orcs were repelled, at the cost of many lives, including Blackfoot.

Ilia, shocked at the loss of her mentor, left the dojo on a personal quest to better herself in order to avenge her master. She spent the next 100 years studying under every master she could find, learning more and more about the martial arts and the mystical ki. Once she felt she had learned her share, Ilia set out to practice her skills in the real world, and above all else, to protect those in need.

Personality Traits Ideals Bonds Flaws
Highly determined

Always sees the good in people

Protect those who cannot protect themselves

Seeks to live forever, practicing her martial arts for all eternity

Rosie is small and frail, and needs my protection.

Olaf is almost as fast as me! It's nice to have someone to run with.

Gurok seems to get hurt a lot, it is my duty to protect him from harm.

Lasar is a strong warrior, skilled with his axe. I respect his combat prowess.

Willing to help, to a fault.

Compulsive in her need for a good fight

Hates Orcs with a passion

Exceptional Feats & Fortuitous Moments Edit

  • Survived a brutal fight with Callus Sanguinius

• Killed an orc of War Chaplain in one on one combat