Hubris of Davey Jones Edit

Recounting of the original Leviathans Maw campaign. TL;DR

1} ( The Docks of Cai ) In which Gregor and Pauly accidentally set fire to the docks at Cai and flee to the Leviathans maw as highly wanted men.

2} ( The Mayors Party) In which Gregor and Pauly are joined by a certain wizard-turned-prospective-mayor and head out in response to urgent warnings of someone poisoning the well.

3} ( The Tar Pit ) In which the heroes find the culprits of a series of local kidnappings and wade through a tar pit to go to battle with Tar Golems.

4} ( Goyles HQ ) In which the heroes go out to (unsuccesfully) assist one of the mayoral candidates whose HQ was being raided / robbed. And they learn just how badly a ballistae can hurt a person.

5} ( The Hissing Well part 1 ) In which the heroes obtain a map to a magically contained and preserved dungeon accessed through a well sticking up out of the ocean on a singular collumn of stone and learn what Phase Spiders are.

6) ( The Hissing Well part 2 ) In which they meet the denizens of The Well and their fear of Phase Spiders was proven well placed.

7} ( The Hissing Well part 3 ) In which the heroes confront the Queen in the Well and cause it's self destruction and they get ahold of a 700 pound solid gold dwarf statue.

8} ( Wyvern Hunting ) In dire need of coin the heroes vote to go try their hand at Wyvern hunting against all the complaints and fears of their ships crew. It goes poorly. But everyones interest is piqued when their Captain of the ship resigns and asks to merely be dropped off at Brawnos Keep.

9} ( The Wrackman ) Jacks Acts begins and Devorantem, first of the Crazy 8 succesfully summons The Wrackman out at a pig farm in the woods deeper behind the town of FreeCove. A terrible cost is paid and Aasimov is sucked brutally into the events of The Maw.

10} ( The Bonecastle ) The Heroes are informed of a group of specially empowered criminals hiding out in an old "cursed" keep that sits on the cliffs to the north of Freecove. The Heroes declare it their own and make moves to take it.

11} ( Amtamors Redoubt ) In an effort to strengthen ties with Dreadport the heroes engage in a quest for Captain King to try and gain a safe house of sorts for his people. While in the timeshifted demiplane where their quest took place in bulk before they returned to The Dreadport, they missed the 2nd of Jacks Acts, where Red Dawn basically massacred the prison island The Lock and Key.

12} ( The Cost of Gregors Mind ) After having his mind nearly liquefied in their last adventure Gregors barely more than a mentally broken child with a killers instinct so the Heroes make another deal with Mr.Regret. In the course of completing Mr.Regrets quest Aasimov recovers the mighty dwarven blade Urer and forms a deal with an Angel of Yunia known as Skotcha.

13} ( Aasimovs Revenge and The Running of the Scalebears ) After rallying their forces the heroes charge back into the forests of Freecove to kill the Wrackman and his demons before the 2nd Act of Jack can be initiated. With a few days to spare the heroes recuperate and participate in Jacks 2nd Act.

Although successful in their Act, the heroes pay a horrible price.

14} ( Oshkuyaines Victory ) Without knowledge of where the next of Jacks Acts will occur they arrive at Fishin Porch too late and find all but a few survivors of the island have been culled, and their meat repurposed to form Oshkuyaines Flesh Titan. Aasimov with his last Moon Wish goes to battle with the Flesh Titan while the rest of the heroes rush to directly engage Oshkuyaine. Although they failed Jacks Act they take their revenge.

15} ( Mikromikvex, the Monstrous Calamity ) The heroes are told in a vision of on of Quainoxicals children, a Monstrous Calamity which has hatched into the Material and threatens the entire Maw, but in its weakened state it can still be stopped, the heroes engage the beast.

16} ( Remember to always pay your debts ) In deep debt to The Black Star through their deals with Mr.Regret and their need to replace their newfound ally Drakes hand (which was removed in their last adventure) they are sent on a kidnapping mission where they carry away the Governor of SharPort and his wife to be returned to Mr.Regret.

17} ( The Drummer Boy ) The 4th of Jacks Acts sees The Drummer Boy lead his army of dead reavers to Booters Shiv, Gregor and Drake rally the entirety of the southern militia of the island under their lead to go fight. After a chaotic battle with The Drummer Boy it ends when Gregor is teleported 400 feet above the town, where he tears open two bags of holding contained 60 siege barrels. (enchanted kegs filled with alchemically made explosives). This has the twofold effect of killing The Drummer Boy, as well as leveling most of the town they were fighting to save. Gregors remains are never found, but divination spells assure us he is dead.

18} ( The Culling of the Balteks ) as the 5th of Jacks Acts the Unreality Dragon subjects the heroes to play out a forgotten event from one of Aasimovs many lives he spent as a Society Agent, breaking the mental walls and slowly returning more of his memories. They are succesful in their attemp at the Act but their faith in their patrons is shaken.

19} ( In hunt of a Primordial Dragon ) After learning of Jacks true nature as Lokerang, Prince to the Fey High House of Games, they head to the Primordial Realm in search of more information. In the frozen mountains of the Winter Court they meet a Princess of The Hunt, Hoglathathkil, who takes them along with her on her hunt of a Primordial Ice Dragon higher up in the peaks.

20} ( Cryokvillex the Primordial Ice Dragon prefers to live ) The heroes alongside Hoglathathkil hunt down the lair of the dragon and brazenly engages it directly, attacking it in its very bed. Although a hard fought battle in all respects, they are succesfull and earn Hoglathathkils approval and an Invitation to perform in the Grand Theatre before the Fey Lords. After returning to the material with the corpse of Cryokvillex they learn Devorantem had never left their island, merely had stayed holed up in an underground temple, fortifying and resupplying. The heroes lead an attack straight into it's heart but are mightily repulsed having massively underestimated the temples defenses.

21} ( Return to Devorantems Temple ) The heroes return to Devorantems temple and begin to discover the lengths to which Devorantem had fortified and prepared his lair, and they learn why such a seemingly weak demonicist earned his place on The Crazy Eight. The heroes are forced to retreat a second time.

22} ( Curse of The Painted Man ) The 7th of Jacks Acts the Painted Man, a monk cursed to eternal life paired with eternal agony is sent forth against The Dreadport. An unwilling villain his soul is permanently trapped in the possession of a trio of Demon Princes who wreak terrible torture upon him unless he sends them souls to play with instead. He tries to hold back and show mercy to the Heroes as they play in his Act, he only needs to stay long enough to satisfy Jacks rules as in his opening of the Act he took a suitable number of souls to hold him over. But the heroes would believe none of his words and were summarily dispatched to the arena floor, but before The Painted Man could finish them off, Binks carrying Aasimov flees battle for the first time in his life.

23} ( The SlaughterQueen ) The 8th and final of Jacks Acts (or so the heroes believe) places them up against The SlaughterQueen, bride to the God of War. Cursed to roam the material bringing war and ruin wherever she goes until she finally finds the one who initially set the events in motion which led to her becoming The SlaughterQueen. The Heroes using their newfound ally from The Society, Saltana Saldana, begin research to prepare for the fight with The SlaughterQueen until they learn why she is still stuck on The Material.