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Character Name / Level 6 Fighter (Knight) / Lawful Good / Lamplighter Knight

Deputies of The Realm

Introduction: Edit

Greetings, my name is Gurok! i am a proud Knight from the city of Alatrea. I may be tiny, but i make up for it in bravery, never giving in to the trials ahead of me. As a Grung, coming from a small isolated village, I prefer spending my time bathing in soggy water, training for battle, & the occasional story book.

I feel that working as a team, there is nothing we cant face together! When my friends are in danger, I will stop at nothing to protect my allies, even at the cost of my life! For that comrades are priceless to me. When one close to me is harmed, i will stop at nothing to defeat them, even if i must rip them from the pages of remembrance. I follow this principle with my personal code of honor, while seeking that proper justice is found by achieving one's "just deserts" like in the phrase "An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth".

Biography: Edit

When I was younger, I grew up abnormally brave, leading me to make quite a bit of trouble. In a secluded village, deep within the wood, I sought to find a story of my own. Being inspired by the heroic tales within the village, I decided that i was to become a true leader. From Morning til Dusk, i was daydreaming of generations of stories, all the while, striving to accomplish my dream. After years of rigorous training, I grew to be a skilled hunter, pleased at how i could serve my home. But my teacher had other things in mind, he told me I was destined for greater things. Being the only other Golden Frog in the village, Grimrok took me on a vision quest where I learned of the nightmare ridden city of Alatrea. It was soft at first, a plea, to help fight back the darkness from within city. This deep yearning I experienced, truly felt as if, "This path is what I seek". So from that day forward, as a 17 year old Grung, I set out on a long journey to join the Lamplighter Knights. Upon arrival, joining with the knights order, I gained many new skills. I learned to fight in a suit of armor, wielding a sword and shield. With my training, I helped to push back the great evils from within the city. But it was no small task, for an average man's mind is consumed with pure darkness if not prepared. For that, you must be strong willed when one keeps the nightmares at bay. Yet not all hope was lost, this was something to fight for, a dimly lit path, but a path none the less.

Upon arrival newcomers are paired with someone of seniority. It was a draw of luck to find myself paired with a partner like Mabel. She was only a year my senior, but even still, don't believe I would have made it this far without her. During that time together, we normally we were sent out to complete odd jobs and gathering Intel. All the while, lighting the lamps and fighting what lurked in the shadows. After years of digging and research, we managed to gain what was thought to be new Intel in the whereabouts of cult documents, the lead we had been searching for. This could turn the tide of this bloody stalemate. At the time, were willing to take the risk and felt we have dealt with worse. So Mabel and I were sent out with three other members to inspect a potential hiding spot for the cult`s plans, and in doing so we found ourselfs in a ritual meeting. Hidden from sight, we were able to gain vital information on some of there upcoming affairs (while Mabel being a Trickster Rouge, grabbed as many maps, plans, & other cult documents as she could). But soon, events quickly took a turn for the worse when we discovered it was a trap. In a flash of blades and blood, the building was set ablaze and our allies, one by one, cut down in the skirmish. Mabel and I managed to escape but found ourselves cornered in a barricaded room. With little time, She quickly revealed a ring, and with a flash of purple light, summoned a portal and instructed me to make hast. As I stepped through I turned in time to see a burning beam (from the corner of my eye) that came down in between us. In that moment she was gone as the portal vanished behind me, being stranded in a neighboring city. Soon after, I gaining word that there were no survivors, myself included. So I pressed forward in the hopes of finding help to save my city & perhaps lift this grand illusion, illuminating the cult's true sinister intents.

Personality Traits Ideals Bonds Flaws
compulsive liar good of all mankind Got his dick caught in a shoe, will never leave a person caught with their dick in a shoe He's always out to have a heckin good time

Exceptional Feats & Fortuitous Moments Edit

  • Stood up to a bully that one time