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Before the Prime Material Edit

As the story goes. . . . . at the beginning the gods all lived upon a single plane of The Outer Realm, they were of such great power there was nothing they could not do. One day they discovered a method to observe and possibly enter the Prime Material plane. There they found no "material", for before The Gods brought their touch to the Prime Material it was but chaotic energies inimical to life as they knew it, but within this infinite storm of destructive energies they discovered creatures, entities who predated themselves. They were of such power that they brought fear once more to their hearts, they had not known fear in so long they believed themselves immune to it. The entities comprised all of existence, and all of existence was them. So The True Gods began to plan, they devised a way to bring "reality" to the Prime Material, for all of The Outer Realm was tied to the Prime Material in uncountable mysterious ways and the Gods knew they must be able to affect it. With one spell Xakan powered solely himself, but guided by The True Gods, he created "Space" and fueled it with his own Energies he knew would be able to fuel life. Then his sister Yunia, guided by none, created all of "Matter" within the Prime Material. This brought form, and even more power to The Great Old Ones, and as The True Gods last decree they cast a spell into the Fabric of the Prime Material that they had wove. It would bind the cornerstone of the Prime Material together, energy and matter, by this spell anything or anyone who attained too much power would be ripped from the Prime Material and scattered randomly through The Outer Realm, where The True Gods could deal with them. They had hoped and planned that this grand ritual would also discorporate and destroy those Great Old Ones; But the spell wasn't strong enough, it merely cast The Great Old Ones to the very expanding edges of reality, trapping them with great bindings and sheer distance instead of destroying them as the sire Gods had hoped and they would forever live upon the Prime Material, unless The Great Old Ones wanted to travel to the Outer Realm themselves, in search of bigger food..

War in the Outer Realm Edit

After The Sire Gods saw what their children had created upon the Prime Material they were horrified. Their final spell upon the Prime Material having failed to discorporate The Great Old Ones they found it actually had granted them a path to greater power.

The Sire Gods, having realized what their children intended to do, went to war. The wars ripples shook the infinite of The Outer Realm as their armies clashed in titanic battles. The ripples of this conflict made their way through reality into the Prime Material, causing myriad unknown magical effects and changes throughout the laws of reality. Tearing entire galaxies asunder, turning barren star systems into thriving growing ecosystems, creating planets that follow their own specific laws of reality. When their battlefield began to settle The Gods saw what their conflict had done to their own projects, as well as the strange effects upon the Prime Material. In shame a group of them gathered, all of The Sire Gods and a group of their children from The True Gods then left with their followers, moving far, far beyond the known reaches of The Outer Realm into exile, never to return.

Although sometimes mistaken with The EverNight it is widely agreed, and corroborated by divine sources, that this war occurred millennia before life and civilization as we knew it would even begin to form on Acrea.

Current Day (587 AEN) Edit

There are very few of the original True Gods left whose sphere of influence affects the world of Acrea, and the lack of gods who stayed behind after the War in The Outer Realm ended has allowed beings on Acrea to amass enough power to become effectively gods themselves.  The way the fabric of the plane wove together makes existence upon its physical realm more exhausting upon a being the more powerful they are, upon breaking the energy barrier they ascend to the Outer Realm to begin their next tier of life. The "Godlings" dwell in their own planes within the Outer Realm forming them from their own soul and consciousness as any other grande being where they stretch their influence to their followers and try to forward their own aims upon the Prime Material, sometimes going as far to send out avatars of themselves to act on The Material Plane directly for short periods of time.  

The True Gods still hold the majority of the beliefs and mouth service worldwide but the diversity of faith and path has become more and more common creating an elaborate and intricate weave of worship across the world. From True Gods and Godlings, to Primordials, Demons, Elementals and Great Old Ones, the congregations and cults of Acrea come in all shapes and sizes.

True GodsEdit

The True Gods who stayed behind after The War in the Outer Realm.

Anorsol - Benefact or the Land - LG

Ansam - Seeker of Knowledge - LN

Belas - He who is bound in Chains - LE

Carroth - Lord over the Dead Lands - LN

Igniurra - He who is Flames - CN

Ingus - Lord of Battle - CE-

Makuth - Archon of Murder - NE

Morstin - Mountain Father - LN-

Quianoxical - Serpent who fully devours - CE

Tryst - Fatetwister and God of Games - CN

Unoth - The Iron Mind - NG

Xakan - He who formed the Sun - CG

Yunia - Maiden of the Moon - NN

Godlings Edit

Less powerful than the True Gods, the Godlings of Acrea are beings who've amassed so much power that the fabric of reality strained upon them and enacted the Immortal laws of the Prime Material, forcing them to ascend to the Outer Realm.  Although less powerful than the True Gods the difference is merely academic to mortals, to whom it means nothing.  Many of the Godlings have more followers than the True Gods in some areas of the world such as the Isle of Cai or Leviathans Maw.

Alurr - Queen of Lovers - CN

Aashvarduun - Spark of Chaos - CE

Aasimov Brovski - Sword of The Maw - LN

Dorm - Gavel of Law - LG

Flownder - Dragonking of the Seas - NE

Iros - The Unseen Sword - NN 

Kelmir - Voice in the Sand - CE

Mithos - Master of Debauchery - CG

Nemk - Patron of Restless Dead - NE

Pteye - Mistress in the Winds - CN

Soros - The Mad Tyrant of Obul - LE

Urpuk Gorbrukov - Wallbreaker and Tyrant Slayer - CG

Yadib - Dancer in the Desert - NG

Demon Lords of The Primordial Chaos (Godlings) Edit

The Demon Lords were born relatively recently ( In the eyes of The Gods ) but have grown in power at an incredible rate, imbued with the powers of Chaos the Gods of The Outer Realm were simultaneously incapable and unwilling to intervene. Some such as Ingus, Quinoxical, and Makuth were even pleased with the Demon Lords development.

As the Demon Lords were spewed forth from the Primordial Chaos at the "center" of The Outer Realm they each were already Lords of their own small Planes. But unlike most Planes the Planes of the Demon Lords stuck together, twisting and rotating amongst themselves but always connected to one another as a sort of dark mirror to that of the Fey Cycle. Godlings of chaos and destruction it is ultimately all they care for and have an abundance from which to gather their power but their infighting and their unfocused wrath has always been and will continue to be what keeps them from becoming an imminent threat to The Material or The Outer Realm as any whole.

Devil Kings of Tartarus Edit

Those godlings who moved into Tartarus, the outer realm of Belas, and who tapped into its power and laid claim to its territory. Bound together by the ingrained magical laws of Tartarus they've been equally trapped within its outer boundaries as much as Belas is trapped within its inner prison. While Belas remains bound the Devil Kings claim full power and reign over their claimed territories and those who dwell within them for as long as their claim is unchallenged. They follow the same general laws of reality that the other Godlings do except that they and their Devil underlings are deeply bound to the domain of Law, binding them to their word and deal.

The Great Old OnesEdit

The beings who dwelled upon the prime material plane before the first gods formed it into reality as it's known. The only survivors of the reality that preempted our current. These beings were so vast and powerful, they contained all the energy off the universe within themselves, existing as clouds of energy and mamoth conciousness.  The gods, at the height of their power in unison combined their might to cast out the beings, for their immense power and vastness broke down reality around them.  Unable to fully cast them out of the material plane the gods bound them in powerful magics and launched them out into the edges of the cosmos.  Now they drift out in the void, having sucked the life out of their own star systems they drift aimlessly, unable to return to the inhabited universe of their own power, longing to once again be one with all of their reality, scorning the gods forever they are content to harvest and create armies with the aliens beings which inhabit the furthest stars of The Material Plane. But, their highest wishes are to bring terror and destruction upon the playthings of The Gods, so that they may then break into The Outer Realm and kill The Gods themselves.

Lo'Calioth - The Inevitable Successor

Ctanoach - Bearer of Phystis

Kothiquo - The Impatient

Nartugotal - Rippling Tide

Otharnauggh - The Beast which feasts upon all

Akeggyak - That which is shrouded in Gravity

Monthara - Architect of Madness

The Primal Realm and The Fey Edit

A primal animalistic reflection of The Material Plane which encircles the distilled power of mortal concepts. The magical almost dreamlike denizens of The Primal Realm go about living and experiencing as much as they can. All animals and creatures have atleast a base form of sentience and live happily in a caste-like system which devoutly follows The Circle of Life. Ruling over them is a Tribunal made up of The High Houses of The Fey who embody the concepts, themes and elements of their respective Houses in every way and strive to do so more with every action. The stories they tell of the creation of The Material Plane and Acrea itself are typically kept secret and only told within trusted company, but rumor is the story they tell is far different from the ones The True Gods claim to be fact.