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Global Factions and Organisations of Acrea Edit

Acrean Royalty Edit

The Royal Lines of Acrea, any family who ruled over a nation for long enough or wielded enough influence in the old days of Acrea ( prior to The EverNight ) would draw the attention of Acrea herself, the spirit of the world. Those bloodlines who drew that attention were gifted with the power the world believed they had earned, molded by the traits each line held strongest. Old magics were able to key off of and interact with the Noble Lines of Acrea, and some still remain common knowledge such as The Pristine Throne, but since the spirit of Acrea went to sleep due to The EverNight no further noble lines were able to be chosen and none were able to be revoked.

  • Ashom
  • Berink
  • Dalhotep
  • Derazire
  • Khan
  • Khasaire
  • Menassire
  • Satrisaine
  • Piqe
  • (unfinished)

The Consortium Edit

A highly selective and expensive collection of top tier merchants who've banded together to provide each other assistance and private lane of trade between each other. Inclusion into this guild provides insurance, security and a secure location to setup shop and warehouse within their extraplanar mall. Although the merchant members of this guild do accept traditional coin and other standard currency, each merchant individually reserves the right to deny offers of currency instead only accepting certain goods in return, be they gems, art or something more specific like bound elementals. The Consortium also provides a shopping service, discount, and more to VIP members who buy in.

The Grey Vaults Edit

A massive superlatively funded multiplanar banking organisation who have the most impressive and lengthy securities list of any other company with ties to many of the Lawful domain gods and a number of law-typed outsiders. There is a rumor the owner of the Grey Vaults may have ascended to the status of Godling sometime in the 570s. Their Acrean headquarters is set in Orthome in the walled "High City" at the foot of the The Rise.

The Society Edit

A vast secret society composed of an unknown number of members that uses itself as a network of associates to ensure the greater good of the Material and Outer Realms so that all may work toward their own goals in peace. Although under the facade it is anything but peaceful. Headquartered at the Basilica Sociatem in the Outer Realm many of the larger forces of greater Acrea keep a messenger or form of contact here that other members of the Society may attempt contact or through which they may be summoned in the case of a Grand Forum being assembled. Which hasn't happened in a very long time.

The Dread Council Edit

Eight seats of Dread might and terrible purpose, eight crowns of darkness and death. The Materials eight greatest forces of evil who work in mutual ceasefire so that they may eventually split all of Acrea as their domain, and bring back The EverNight. They have significantly different personalities and views on how they should approach this but even the most chaotic of the Council agree it is in their interest to have allies or at least ensure fewer enemies. Some cite religious scripture, some reference the visions of arcane foresight and others the engrams of psionic diviniation, but they all agree the only way to bring back the EverNight is through the existence of the Dread Council.

The Black Star Edit

A multiversal corporation of epic proportions, where gold speaks loudest. Although widely regarded as "evil" they are also trusted by all outside factions as true to their word and law, especially when that word or law is heavily weighed in their favor. They are known for owning or being hired to operate gambling operations, typically Casinos or Gladiatorial Arenas; as well as their litigation and mediation services and when those fail, their Black Star Specialists, mercenaries and "fixers" of the highest order (often compared to those of Zemocs Legion). They clearly have a hidden agenda of their own but for whatever it is it does not interfere with the business operations of the company.

Zemocs Legion Edit

A mighty planar mercenary legion of well storied honor and success. Formed after the Magus war when the realms were shattered by the genesis of The EverNight when Zemoc gathered his surviving loyal followers in the Outer Realm in a Plane of his own creation; The Fulgurite Keep. Over the hundreds of years since then they have maintained an impeccable code of honor (as far as their own codes and the codes of mercenary conduct go) and although many do not speak of why, the oldest and most powerful factions and gods hold a deep seated animosity towards the Legions founder and namesake.