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FreeCove Edit


FreeCove is the most easily accessible and second most widely known of the Islands of The Leviathans Maw. A flourishing port town and home to many merchants, buccaneers and Passenger ships. An exotic and vibrant welcome for the newcomers to The Maw, sporting a deep jungle on the back half of the island, a small volcano which churns away day by day and last but not least of FreeCoves wonders The Astral Clocktower, a huge towering Clocktower with a huge number of intricate and masterfully made rings which can measure all sorts of wonders.

FreeCove is run by a Mayor chosen at open election within the city by popular vote. The Mayor serves for one year at a time, with elections held every Yearstart during the second weak. The Elections consist of a weak long festival about the city where the candidates may attempt to wrangle favor amongst the populace, votes are cast within the meeting hall in The Astral Clocktower at the end of the week.

The Islands two most popular points of interest are the large bustling merchants sector where goods from all over Acrea make their way to the many and varied shops. Of note is the shop Verdigris Enginarium, where Dwarven woman and her Warforged assistant run a very highly regarded smithy where they only do custom work. The second most frequented would be the a wild and debaucherous Grog Quarter, an entire wing of the city devoted entirely to Taverns, Bars, Brothels, Alehouses, Gambling Dens, Whorehouses, Saloons, Hotels and Hostels. They cater to the vast amount of sailors and pirates who wander about The Leviathans Maw with no real home and an exciting stop for any merchant crew stopping on their way through.


The Astral ClockTower. Edit

The most important feature of the island, The Astral Clocktower is a giant clock tower, the face of which has a massive clock in the center, with the current year and orbital point of Acrea around its star, down to the day, and even second. A series of outer rings circle the center clockface depicting a number of nearby planetary bodies on the material plane, alignments with the major "close" planes, and more currently representing unknown objects. Although the tower housing the Astral Clock has been rebuilt many times the parts of the Clock itself have never broken, needing only small tweaks at its various adjustment locations. The cogs, levers and whatnot are all cast of some super hard metal that resembles copper or brass, and each piece is itself enchanted.

Within The Astral Clocktower within the very heart of its machinery at the top of its tower is a room with a large bank of gauges and meters. This bank of machinery notifies the Clocktowers Keeper when something needs repairs or adjustment, but more importantly, it functions as a doomsday clock.

A Gauge in the center at the top is measured in three color ranges, the larger measuring the amount of death and destruction of the next largest catastrophe to happen, how far in the future it will happen, and distance from The Clocktower.

The gauges under it measure various esoteric values known only to the Keeper of the Clocktower, but using these measurements they can determine what kind of catastrophe will be incoming and narrow it further down to where on the planet it is.