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Flask of Mithos Edit

A standard sized flask by all accounts, typically formed of silver or gold or some other fine metal and engraved on its entire surface with the image of a gigantic bar brawl. Under the cap of the flask is the holy symbol of Mithos. A flask of Mithos is a magical flask which, when filled with liquor worth at least 50gold, enchants the liquor with healing properties.

A Flask of Mithos can hold 10 "drinks" within it, meaning each "drink" must be worth about 5g. Meaning nice booze.

Each drink from the Flask once filled properly heals for 1d4 HP, if the drinker is a follower of Mithos they instead heal 1d8.

Average Price: ~2,500g - 3,000g available reliably at Houses of Mithos, the church of good times.