Factions of Oneiros Edit

The Realm of Oneiros Edit

The Realm as it's colloquially known as is the longest lasting "dynasty" of government recognized globally as the natural order of the country.  All cities and orders of the land paying respect and knee to whomsoever currently sits upon The Throne, this is historically a seat (King/Queen) only granted to Dreamers to ensure.

Current Line of Dreamers: Piqe, lone surviving member of the line is currently King.  His fiance Lucia has been kidnapped and is being held hostage by The Cult of Nightmares.  He's hired a group of heroes to go off in search of a lead to where The Cult is keeping her.

Human Prince

King William Piqe (18M, Human); with his father (last of his living family, King of The Realm) recently slain on the field of battle Williams been forced to take over control of the land. While he's been forced to take on learning war, political and economic strategy while also taking on the lead against The Cult of Nightmare. At first he was fairing well enough, as good as could be expected. Until The Cult of Nightmares kidnapped his fiance in a large expenditure of resources and forces, but the play paid off and he's been off his game ever since. Which is why he made the call for any individuals who believed themselves up for the job to investigate a minor lead his advisors believed a dead end.

*The Knights of The Realm serve The Realm in all things, for the greater good, in their law they must.

The Cult of Nightmares

The Cult of Nightmares is a cult of the most vicious and spiteful of the land, formed by those who believe that the dark times between Dreaming Kings where Nightmares walked the land freely were better for the people and land.  

They worship Nightmares as the country's most powerful natural personification of itself.  They align themselves to reflect aspects of their local chosen Nightmares to remind their victims of it whenever they go forth into the world to forward The Cults plans.

The Cults made two concerted shows of force; Alatrea in the Northwest and in the South beyond Callis

The Blood Boulder Horde Edit

A combined Horde formed by the iron will and dominating charisma of Qulay The Challenger, Chieftain of the Conquering Crown tribe.  He's assembled a rough hierarchy and build a sturdy power base for his new land, and by laying their claim to their own territory of Oneiros by the same old laws The Realm was founded on they bind The Realm to face them on fair and even terms set forth by the old laws.  For to ignore their rightful claim and simply go to war against The Blood Boulder Hordes people would be to go against the laws their own country was founded on, and would erode the very strength and self of The Realm in turn.

The Conquering Crown

2nd tier >> The Swords of Okeiga - The Giant Lords of The Crags

3rd tier >> Valleywood Hunters - Horns of Godorron - The River of Teeth