Eye of LoCalioth
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The Eye of Lo'Calioth Edit

The Eye of Lo'Calioth looks like a perfectly smoothed and shined spherical black diamond about a foot in diameter (and is one of the three "Keys to the Throne"). Peering within its depths reveals that the darkness seems to swirl and twinkle as if a pond reflecting some foreign night sky. The longer you stare into The Eye the more defined the stars become as your surroundings go dark, and the stars begin to shift. When in contact with skin the bearer can feel a thin layer of oil upon it and they feel as if they are being closely watched, like something vast is following them right at their shoulder.

The Eye of Lo'Calioth (Major Artifact)

Indestructible* black diamond one foot in diameter weighing 6lbs.

Under The Eye (curse):: While carrying The Eye of Lo'Calioth even if out of sight and not in contact with the bearer, all servants of Lo'Calioth always know where you are (or while cursed). After two days of sleeping with any view of the night sky after carrying/bearing The Eye for at least 8 hours the bearer must begin making DC 17 Charisma saves and will be plagued with nightmares where they see everything they love, their country, family, everyone they know, being destroyed by demonic forces and overzealous religions. At the end of each nightmare a vast entity kindly reaches down and says. . .

~The vagaries of living at the whims of those born to power is one of lives greatest curses, nearing the weight of my own. Let us help each other and together we will make their world shake. . . ~

The subject of the curse must either accept the offer or refuse it before they are allowed to awaken. If the bearer refuses the offer they awake and suffer 1 degree of Exhaustion, but if the bearer accepts the offer they are no longer cursed and become attuned to The Eye. Once the save is failed once the nightmares only abate when sleeping under the roof of a sanctified holy place, any religion (good or evil) it just must be consecrated. A Remove Curse must be cast on the effected during the throws of their nightmare for five nights in a row to break the curse.

If someone is already attuned or more than one person is cursed at the same time Lo'Calioth will only ever make the offer to someone who is stronger than the current "Chosen of Lo'Calioth" (here on referred to as the "Attuned") instead allowing the cursed to die of exhaustion. Unless there is no one attuned it will make the offer until someone accepts, then only making the offer to stronger beings than the attuned. (Warlocks will always be given the offer, but if they are not obviously stronger than the already Attuned they will be tasked to kill the currently Attuned, they will not suffer the ill-effects of the curse as long as they work towards killing the Attuned.)

Chosen of Lo'Calioth {The Attuned}::

Once having accepted Lo'Calioths offer and becoming Attuned to The Eye of Lo'Calioth the bearer gains the following "benefits".

  • You gain the Aberration subtype, your skin gains a glassy smooth texture which swirls almost like oil and darkens by a few shades (similar to the surface of The Eye). You no longer need to breathe and you don't suffer the effects of intense pressure or vacuum. You suffer disadvantage on charisma checks with non-aberrations but gain advantage on charisma checks with aberrations.
  • You gain the ability to channel your senses through The Eye, switching senses to and from The Eye is done as a standard action. When viewing through the eye the bearer effectively gains Darkvision and TrueSight seeing in some alien spectrum of light (as far as they normally would be able to see), everything is seen in intense purples and golds determined by Energy. (This is up to DMs interpretation, but effectively granting a permanent visual Detect Magic as well as being able to tell if something is intensely hot or electrified.) But -5 to passive perception and insight as well as disadvantage on perception checks to spot mundane (non-magical) animals and creatures.
  • All "Divine" beings and servants can sense that you are now the Chosen of Lo'Calioth and he now owns your soul, any spell effects that target your soul/spirit do not effect you, as it has been removed from your body. (effectively anything that doesn't effect constructs or golems wont effect The Attuned). The Attuned does not know of this until someone informs them of it.
  • Lo'Calioth always knows your location and thoughts. Any time The Chosen begins performing actions that work against Lo'Calioths plans Lo'Calioth may attempt to take over The Chosens body for up to 1 minute at a time, The Chosen gets a single DC 18 Charisma save to withstand the effect. The only time Lo'Calioth cannot take possession of the bearers form or sense them is when they are within the effects of a 9th level Antimagic Field.
  • You gain the special features and spellcasting abilities of a Warlock (Great OId One, Blade Pact) of equal level to the bearers own class levels. This does not add to proficiency bonus, health/HD or actual casting level; the bearer casts at current level, not double. Unless the bearer is already a Warlock, in that case their casting level, spells per encounter and Invocations known are all doubled. (although cannot go above 9th spell-level unless using Epic rules, and Invocations are gained every 3 levels, or just pick 2 for every level you would gain an invocation.) If the Warlock was of any pact other than Great Old One - Lo'Calioth prior to attuning to The Eye than their old Patron will be incredibly affronted and will aggressively hunt down the attuned until they are suitable punished. Punishment chosen by the affronted Patron.

Destruction of The Eye of Lo'Calioth

The Eye is indestructible except for a very specific set of instructions, each step once performed alerts Lo'Calioth. Who will not be pleased AT ALL because it his Lo'Calioths strongest connection to any inhabited part of The Material Plane.