EarthSlumber Edit

A demiplane connecting The Material Realm of Acrea with The Outer Realm.

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Broken into three tiers the uppermost level is known as Rest. Rest is not directly connected to any points of The Outer Realm. Rest is an absolutely massive stone realm that still hasn't been fully explored. Rumor amongst Rests denizens is that it stretches to cover the entire universe of The Material Plane, not just Acrea. Rest is cut through with innumerable caverns and tunnels, it is on this level that tunnels and other such accesses to the "surface" or The Material Plane. Natural paths upwards into The Material are extremely rare, but not unheard of. The vast majority of paths between Rest and The Material were carved by mortal work. (Such as the Dwarves who dug down from Ilstoom Brovak.)

Points of Interest upon Rest Edit

Bokal Murgol Edit

The old Protectorate of Ilos dug deep in their construction of Bokal Murgol, trying to build their highest security dungeon as far below the earth as they could.

Holmbist Edit

A neutral trading outpost and settlement in Rest maintained for the many travelers from The Material who employ this layer of EarthSlumber as a form of "fast travel" across Acrea.

Khaz Brovak Edit

The undercity built when the Dwarves of Illstoom Brovak dug down into EarthSlumber. After breaking down into Rest they traveled into a massive cavern seemingly directly under Ilstoom and formed their first colony in EarthSlumber.

Kol Grong Edit

A city built into a large hollowed out stalactite overhanging a massive fissure in the earth which drops far below to a lower section of the Noctis Labrinthus. A widely "accepting" community to everyone, everyone who follows the laws and respects their "betters". A mixing pot of natives of EarthSlumber, denizens of The Outer Realm and mortals of The Material, the non-elite of the city are growing restless.

Noctis Labrinthus Edit

A staggeringly large open cavern whose floor is covered in the massive rubble of long fallen stalagtites and open fissures in the stone which leads deep down, descending further to the Sleep level of EarthSlumber.

The Spider Fang Edit

What was once a Drow slavers camp has recently been rebuilt after the slaves pulled off a coup de tat and now operates openly as a trading post and "safe house" amidst Rests tunnels.

The Rivers of Life {Leviathans Gate} Edit

Near the "center" of Rest (or center in relation to Acrean entrances) is a huge region of open caverns and interconnected lakes and rivers, from here comes the vast majority of EarthSlumbers potable water. In the center of The Rivers of Life is a huge collumn of stone, almost two miles across in width reach from an unfathomably tall cavern with a fissured ceiling. From the cracks in the ceiling and the many openings on the pillar water pours forth, and occasional deep sea creatures are somehow sucked down into the deeps. Using divining magics scholars of The Society have determined the water comes from somewhere within The Leviathans Maw. Wether or not the water is the drainage to The Maw or perhaps from within The Palace Beneath the Waves, regardless, it is at the bottom of one the ocean and nigh on impossible to get to from The Material side; and no one has tried to go through from Rest.