Dughall, The Professional Delver Edit

Human Male (38), Fighter 1 / Sorcerer 9 (Power Crimson)

Affiliation: none ~ 587aen

Omak Tower Investigators ~ 587aen

A professional Delver and scholar for the past five years, a Knight of The Realm prior to being dead.

Introduction: Edit

Hail adventurers, my name is Dughall and conquering the unknown is my job. I've been hired to to explore and log this tower by order of Lord Langenburg and unless any of you have more experience with dungeons, crypts, delves or lairs I'll be taking my own lead. I've spent the last five years of my life personally scouring dungeons, both Cult of Nightmare infested and otherwise. I'm no man of god, I won't be stickin my neck out for anyone who hasn't proven themselves worth the effort. I won't be dragging dead weight with me, dungeons are deadly, twisted, rigorous beasts and I won't be slain by anyone elses inadequacies. That being said, prove to me your value to the success of this mission and I'll make sure you get out alive, each man or woman earns their cut by their action, not by attendance.

Biography: Edit


1) "I'm a professional"

2) "Don't disapoint me"

Personality Traits Ideals Bonds Flaws
>A persons worth is earned, not innate.

>Once a task is set he'll ensure it gets done, even if it takes some real morally dirty work.

>Doesn't hate the Cult of Nightmares from a moral standpoint but from a more pragmatic one, a country ruled by chaos as it was during the Reign of Nightmares may push some individuals to higher power but it stifles the rest of the realms progress.

>Survival of the Fittest is the truest statement ever made.

>Money and Influence can solve most problems, once I'm a member of The Black Star i'll be able to wield that to lay ruin to The Cult of Nightmares once and for all, and earn a heft paychack while i'm at it.

>Those who are useful to me I'll keep safe through the storms of hell. Those useless to me will have to carry their own weight. Those who pose a danger to me will be dealt with, permanently.

>Is secretly worried about his own sanity and will make efforts to reach out and become closer allies with anyone who he believes he can TRULY trust (usually only 1 person at a time, see Flaw) who can back him up and try to help him if his mind breaks.

>Paranoid of The Cult of Nightmares surfacing as spies within his ranks and subjects people to uncomfortable scrutiny / offensively suspicious at times.

>Since he only has some very vague memories of his past beyond 5 years ago, all he knows is that his memory loss was due to a deal from Baba Yarush, for what? He does not know.

>Could be considered evil by some, although this doesn't always help is reputation he's known for getting the job done, no matter the costs.

Exceptional Feats & Fortuitous Moments Edit

  • Two years ago Dughall was hired to assist a mercenary company with routing out a Cult of Nightmares cell. The casualties were high, even amongst the civilians as even those sympathizing with secret-cultists were found guilty of treason. They summoned a Nightmare in an attempt at pushing off The Realms forces but Dughall proved up to the task. But some surviving townsfolk tell a different darker story of a zealous, black souled man driven mad by the Nightmares he faught who put half the town to the sword before he regained his mind and slew the beast.