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Dreamers and the Dreaming Edit

Dreamers were first recorded in Oneiros but they may pop up in the population of any sentient race living close enough to Deep, or Thin place. Places where the divide between The Material and The Primal Circles is lessened and they are allowed to bleed into each other.

Like sorcerers this closeness to a wellspring of magical power infuses them with it at their birth and throughout their lives.  But instead of being able to personally employ that power into spells like a sorcerer (although Dreaming Sorcerers aren't uncommon) they exert their influence in less direct ways.  Like altering the flow of fate and karma, but in a way that always balances itself out.

((Tightly connected to the Fey High House of Dreams ))

Dreampoints Edit

The total power of nearby Dreamers to alter reality and fate is measured in Dreampoints.  Each individual Dreamer may have their own allotment of Dreampoints but whenever multiple Dreamers come within contact their total points are pooled. 

Each Dreampoint is always in one of two states, Dream or Nightmare, Dark or Light.

In most cases Dreamers are only capable of altering fate through the "flipping" of a Dream point to one (or more) of Nightmare.   In this way the Dreamer is temporarily flipping the balance of their fate in their favor for the moment, on the implicit agreement it will flip back against them in the future to balance out the scales of fate.

Novice Dreamers typically only ever manipulate this power with individual points but events where new Dreamers accidentally or through particular situations cast their will with greater clout, using multiple points at once.

Dreamers Edit

A dreamer lies latent in most cases until an event of magical flux or the touch of the Fey or Dreamer  awakens them.  The Dreamer gains 1 point at the moment of their awakening and if they are a caster they gain an a number of "Dreampoints" equal to their casting stat modifier instead.  If the Dreamer has multiple casting stats only the highest is applied. Dreamers lose the ability to become Resistant or Immune to Charm and Mind Control effects as their psyche is intertwined with the weave of magic and Dream across Acrea. *Some specific exceptions may apply*

The Dreamer may employ individual Dreampoints to reroll any allied attack or save that occurs within 60' of them as a reaction or bonus action.

Additionally they may channel/spend Dreampoints to empower dreamtouched objects or locuses of power, allowing them to interact with these objects.

Dreamers may also choose to take levels into the following related Prestige Classes