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Devil Kings of Tartarus Edit

The Devil Kings of Tartarus are a dark reflection to the normal path to power most new gods take. Although Gods and Godlings themselves. Yet the Devil Lords are innately different having traveled to the magic saturated Plane of Tartarus and been built up and infused by its immense yet confining powers. The dark Plane of Tartarus, created to bind and imprison Belas it channels and uses his own immense power against him, but the side effect is that the power radiating from it was given form and shape by Belas' Domains and personality. The dark curses woven through the tapestry of Tartarus to create the form and rules of Belas' prison pervades its Plane and molds the Devil Kings just as much as the Domains woven through the Plane itself. Only able to travel beyond their own realms for very brief spans of time they require the willing participation of entities from beyond their own realm to enter into contracts with them to act beyond their own domains and planes.

Devils grew natively from the vast expanses of Tartarus after the binding of Belas as a byproduct of the ritual. Demons had existed before as had evil elementals and evil angels, but it took the binding of Belas to create Devils.

Boaloas, Scavenger of the Lost Edit

One who clawed their way to the level of Devil King inch by inch by reclaiming and putting to use all those fiends who'd been outcast and exiled and the lost and forgotten artifacts of long dead Devil Princes and Kings

Cyrus of the Pits, Fallen Serpent Edit

He longed to be a great god of the dragons, but was struck down by his beloved and cast to the darkness...but in the darkness he found the writhing horrors and slivering sickness of the snakes. He is now lord over snakes and spends his days, or nights rather, lording over a horrible swamp demi plane filled with serpents and mosters of the like

Ohrneprazad, Wasting King Edit

An ascended of Zhokar who eventually cast away the trappings of civilization with his disciples leaving the city defenseless when his only answer to a famine and drought was to reduce the number of people in the tribe, by force if need be, or the tribe as a whole would slowly be eaten away by hunger and this would cause even more deaths than the number of people he suggested removing. Portrayed as a vile and cruel beast to the people he gathered his disciples amongst the city, mainly the defenders and blades of the place, and left into the desert where he and his people found their way through an area of Shifting Sands and entered the Summer Plane of The Primal Cycle and from their they wandered on a long and arduous journey throughout the Outer Realm before arriving in Tartarus and claiming a portion of it for his own. His realm is of arid wastelands and castles of bone and sandstone while the Devils who roam its grounds hunt those condemned there and fighting over territory amongst themselves.

Magorger, Roving Tyrant Edit

Mercenary Devil King of mercenaries, warfare and conquest.

Hrissturq, The Cold Greed Edit

Uprisen Devil King of Ice and the Cold, conquest, thievery and greed

Ankostra, Venging Dead Edit

Undead Devil King of Tyrants, Revenge and Vengeance, Undeath and Industriousness