The Deputies Log :: 585 AEN Edit

Where the history of the Deputies will be logged, recorded and analyzed by The Realms historians, a living piece of history. They began their tale in Oneiros where they took a quest from King Piqe upon themselves.

Acquaintances of The Deputies

Current Members of The Deputies Edit

Olaf - Satyr Bard, College of Tarot

Lasar - Dragonborn Fighter, Champion; Investigator

Lothair - Human Cleric, Tempest; Bookie

Ilia - Wood Elf Monk, Open Hand

Gurok - Grung Fighter, Knight

Rosi - Gnome Druid of The Pack

The Deceased and Departed Edit

Dekelen - Drow Fighter; was deemed a psychological risk to the party and he split ways from the party, currently working at a travellers tavern in Gadlen (under surveilance due to Cult of Nightmares affiliation)

Ogrok - HalfOrc Cleric of Ingus; Slain by Callus Sanguinus on 27 Summersend 585

Zachariah - Human Rogue; very little was known of this one before he was captured and presumed dead 29 Summersend 585

Peter D. Inklage- The Paladin of Love - - Slain by Callus Sanguinus