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Demon Lords of The Primordial Chaos (Godlings) Edit

The Demon Lords were born relatively recently ( In the eyes of The Gods ) but have grown in power at an incredible rate, imbued with the powers of Chaos the Gods of The Outer Realm were simultaneously incapable and unwilling to intervene. Some such as Ingus, Quinoxical, and Makuth were even pleased with the Demon Lords development.

As the Demon Lords were spewed forth from the Primordial Chaos at the "center" of The Outer Realm they each were already Lords of their own small Planes. But unlike most Planes the Planes of the Demon Lords stuck together, twisting and rotating amongst themselves but always connected to one another. (The closest likeness to the Planes of the Demon Lords would be the Primal Realms of The Fey who rotate in sequence around each other while traveling The Outer Realm.)

**There /IS/ a True God whose realm includes Demons, Amonnt, who left Acrea with the other gods after The War in The Outer Realm. Allowing for these Demon Lords to assume their current roles**

As their twisted knot of chaos drifted through The Outer Planes they constantly led armies to war against their neighboring Planes to devour souls and gain power. The only thing slowing their meteoric rise in power was their constant infighting which kept them from focusing on the outside Planes. And from these internal wars in The Chaos Twists leads to the shifting powers amongst the Demon Lords and their underlings.

Seeing what could be a catastrophe of Interdimensional proportions the God Tryst sewed and twisted fate to lead a number of the more ambitious Demon Lords to EarthSlumber ( a Demi-Plane connecting The Material and The Outer ) as well as a series of heroes from The Material creating the events of The Vault of Madness.

Not all of the Demon Lords fell to the plotting of Tryst, but the ones who did were some of the most ambitious and aggressive Lords with aims on The Material Realm.


Dirlbolg - Soul StealerThe Deathless Dictator, Master of Tyrants Edit

Demon Lord of {Undead and Tyrants}

Dirlbolg is a massive twisted creature made up of the bodies of the dead and held together by the thick red oily ooze-like true form of Dirlbolg who seeks mortal souls to add to his own spiritual power. His thickened ooze like form is the manifestation of his fattened soul from when his original body was demolished by a Fey Prince of War in ages past. Due to his soul-devouring nature he tends to reap souls on a higher level than the majority of other beings in the Outer Realm, only Carroth heralds more souls than he does. And this rivalry has created a deadly feud between the two, for even tho Carroth has no qualms with the actual undead legions Dirlbolg commands, only that he hoards their souls as well.

The demon followers of Dirlbolg are few, having no lesser demons for him to try and corral and command, only commanders. Each of his Demonic commanders leads legions upon legions of undead farmed from the endless battlefields of the Outer Realm. When going to battle Dirlbolg and his followers are straightforward, sending waves after wave of undead to swarm their enemies before striding in to strike the killing blow and harvest the souls of the dead and convert their corpses for their forces.

Cults of Dirlbolg typically are made up of necromancers and tyrannical leaders seeking to command others, regardless of the cost.

Eydronn - Seneschall of SchemesMaster of Murder, Sultan of Subterfuge, Lord of Lies Edit

Demon Lord of {Murders and Schemes}

Demon Lord of schemers, murderers, liars and plotters in the dark. Eydronn appears as a tall humanoid shape

Azrael by one vox-d5bdznr

draped in endless flowing black curtains, arms flit in and out from within the folds of the cloak and with each movement Eydronn spreads darkness and a few strangely shaped white bone-like plates float around Eydronns upper body and head which is covered in a mannequin esque blank face, although Eydronns appearance may change the blank white mask covering his face does not. Eydronns realm is a series of ever changing obstacle course like environments formed of solid shadow and rubble. This is where the demonic followers of Eydronn hone their killing art by hunting mortals and beings from the Outer Realm released into their domain. Demons of Eydronn are typically more dexterous, are usually capable of a number of shadow based sorceries and are all trained assassins.

Cults and followers of Eydronn are typically murderers, assassins, pyschopaths and insurrectionists.

Galdroth - The Bloodied ConquerorRavager of Realms, Prince of Slaughter Edit

Demon Lord of {Conquest and War}


Galdroth is the Demon Lord of evil armies, conquerors, pillaging and slaughter. A massively muscled demon bound in incredible armor which covers his entire body but his wings and tail, which has a large spiked bone tail club. He leads a massive horde made up of warbands who each follow their own leaders just barely more often than they go wild. Galdroth does not try to command them as some leaders, he only aims them before letting them loose. The demonic followers of Galdroth are the more militaristic who he uses as his own well oiled weapon, the only portion of his forces with any cohesion. In contrast to the massive chaotic mortal hordes Galdroth summons to his warband his demonic forces are a perfectly oiled machine armored and bearing perfectly maintained arms and armor which shapes and aims the insane hordes of Galdroths crusades.

Cults and followers of Galdroth are typically barbarians, brutal warriors and "evil" soldiers as well as the warlike monstrous races.

Murgore - The Hammer of HellsKing of Fallen Giants, Behemoth Edit

Demon Lord of {Giants and MegaPredators}


Murgore the Behemoth, a towering monster of immense size he dwarfs all the other Demon Lords. A mountainous body of dark black covered in spikes and webbed with veins which pulse with his blood. The blood of Murgore seems to absord light around it, darkening everything but not to pure darkness, but a deep black and white haze where only the blood is clearly visible where tiny sparks and strikes of oil-like neon phosphorescent energy spark off within it. Murgores blood devours reality around it when out of a living body and not contained properly which self devours within moments. But if any living being ingests even a small amount of his blood they are driven mad with predatory urges and a vast rage as they are imbued with a shred of his chaos power.

Murgores demonic followers are fewer than most but are considered the largest and most powerful on average, huge powerful beasts who stride across the battlefield commanding huge swathes of territory and gathering their own hoards of treasure.

Cults and followers of Murgore are typically Giants and large intelligent predators like Krakens, Dragons and so on.

Phvor'Kbrukt - The Hungering HavocLord of Monsters, Mouth of Madness Edit

Demon Lord of {Monsters/Aberrations and Madness}


Phvor'Kbrukt is a terrible being to behold, its' form is ever changing as it steals the limbs and parts off the corpses of its fallen enemies and adds them to its terrible form. Last recorded from a mad priest in the Bindur mountains after a Khajnin tea spirit walk to be a massive beast with the core body of a blue spiked centipede constantly half raised in the air, lower body with six massive armored crablike legs, upper body with three huge golden arms taken from a titan, a massive mouth tops the body all bound together by its green spiritual oozeform. The demonic followers of Phvor'Kbrukt are the gibbering mad and twisted hordes of the malformed and monstrously shaped who swarm over the landscape leaving madness and scraps of flesh and ruins of civilizations behind.

Cults and followers of Phvor'Kbrukt are typically mutants, the malformed, monstrous and mad who seek to tear down and devour all of the "civilized" lands who oppressed them.

The Queen - Monarch of MindsThe Overmind, The Matriarch Edit

The Demon Lord of {Psychics, Hiveminds and Swarms}

The Queen 02

The Queens real name and form has never been seen by anyone willing to it or describe it, most assume she merely wipes the memory of it from her visitors minds. She controls her kingdom as an overmind as she transfers her consciousness throughout her minions. They go about their jobs set to them by a strict heirarchy, by the accounts of demons who've worked alongside minions of The Queen it seemed as if The Queens commanders/Archdemons commanded their forces in their own styles and with their own preferances, but it could just be different aspects of The Queen expressing itself through her hive-form. Demonic followers of The Queen are grouped into hives each led by a single Archdemon who defines and themes their hive to their own liking. The Queen makes herself known and acts through her Archdemons but may manifest through any of the beings in her Hivemind. Not all of The Queens Archdemons have been sent into Earthslumber.

Cults of The Queen are all led by a single leader who brainwashes their followers or groups of followers commanding swarm-beasts. More often then not the top leader of all of The Queens cults is actually

Rahl'Tegoth - Immortal FearThe Living Dark, Fear Eater, Edit

Demon Lord of {Terror and Darkness}

Dark stallion by sanskarans-d6u2wv3

A Demon Lord formed entirely of shadow and negative energy, this is Rahl'Tegoths original form and not a spiritual one, but solid shadowmatter. Any being who views within the miasma of Rahl'Tegoths form begins to see faint ghostly haunting shapes as if they are just barely able to make out Rahl'Tegoths true form, the longer anyone looks at Rahl'Tegoth the more the form solidifies, it becomes more and more akin to whatever the strongest possible fear for the target and driving them mad, able to strike fear into the heart of even Gods as their own minds are turned against themselves. Rahl'Tegoth feeds off of the negative emotions of others, fear, terror, agony, grief, rage, and thus strives not to go openly to war but to subtly influence entire realms of The Outer or cities to terrorize them and feed off the ambient terror and pain for as long as possible. Demonic followers of Rahl'Tegoth mimic their lords love of terror and darkness and rarely go to war but instead pick at their enemies and drive them insane as they feed off their pain from in the darkness.