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Corazan Mountain Wolf Edit

Corazan Mountain Wolf NM

Medium Beast , Neutral

The Corazan Wolves are incredibly pack hunters, large and voracious they frequently take down prey much larger than themselves. Many disappearances in the mountains can be attributed to them and their omnivorous appetite. Typically only found among the Crown Mountains of Coraza and northward.


AC:: [ 12 ]

HP:: [ 11 ]

SPEED:: [ 45' ]

Str 15 Int 2
Dex 12 Wis 12
Con 10 Cha 6

Skills:: [ Perception (+8) ]

Senses:: [ Low-Light Vision, Scent]

Languages:: [ none ]

Challenge Rating:: [ 1/4 ]

Abilities Edit

Pack-Tactics: Grants up to +5 to hit and damage for each other Corazan Mountain Wolf within 15' of itself.

Hunt By Scent: Corazan Mountain Wolves gain an addition +4 to find creatures by scent where applicable.

Snow-Striding: Not impaired by non-magical snowy or icy terrain.

Actions Edit

Bite:: +3/ 1d6+1 Piercing, maximum damage knocks targets prone on a failed Strength save DC10

**Bite deals a bonus die of damage to prone targets**

Dire Corazan Mountain Wolf Edit

Larger than your standard Mountain Wolves and more vicious they typically lead packs of smaller wolves or in rare cases you can find packs of Dire Mountain Wolves being led by a Winter Wolf. Dire Corazan Mountain Wolves are Mountain Wolves with the following changes.'

  • AC +1
  • Is now a Large category creature.
  • HP +10
  • Damage on bite attack goes to 1d8+3 from 1d6+1. The bonus damage against prone targets also increases to 1d8 to match.