from Acrean Beastiary - Northern Stretches

Remorhaz by BenWootten

Remorhaz Edit

===== Huge Magical Beast/Outsider, Neutral ===== 

The Corazan Remorhaz is a terrifying adversary, an apex predator in its own right they only show deference in the wild to Dracanokonig. Their solo hunting style is to lay in wait until it senses prey nearby then stalks them to a favorable position then it burrows and lays in wait for the prey to pass over. Once having used its ambush it changes tactics and lashes out wildly trying to hurt as many creatures as possible to make it easier to catch any escapees before it settles down to feast on any prizes. 


AC:: [ 15 ]

HP:: [ 120 ]

SPEED:: [ 40' Snowstriding, 50' Burrow (snow&ice only)]

Str 19 Int 4
Dex 13 Wis^ 10
Con^ 17 Cha 4

^ denotes proficiency in skill / save

Skills:: [ Perception (+5) ]

Senses:: [ Dark-Vision, Snowsight 30', Tremorsense 100',]

Languages:: [ understands Heimallen ]

Challenge Rating:: [ 7 ]

Abilities Edit

Damage Immunities: Cold & Fire

Hot Blooded: Adjacent creatures take 2d6 damage at the end of their turn (if still adjacent) or when any creature attacks with natural weapons or grapples.

Snowstriding: Not impaired by non-magical snowy or icy terrain.

Snowsight: Sight is unimpaired by snow, hail, sleet and so forth.

Magic Resistance: Advantage on saving throws versus magical effects.

Actions Edit

Bite:: +10/ 4d10+4 slashing +2d6 Fire

Slashing Barrage:: *provokes attacks of opportunity from behind* / Hits all targets in front of the Remorhaz for 15'

DC 15 Dexterity or Strength* Save *(if bearing a shield) or take 8d6+4 slashing damage and get knocked prone, save for no damage and no knockdown.

Ambush:: (only from burrow) DC 16 Dexterity save or take 4d10+4 slashing and become swallowed. Any creature swallowed in this way is restrained and has full cover against attacks, but also takes 4d6 acid and 3d6 fire damage at the end of each turn they are still swallowed. If the Remorhaz takes 40 damage in one round it regurgitates the swallowed creature. Swallowed creatures may make attacks with light weapons or unarmed/natural weapons with disadvantage while swallowed.