from Acrean Beastiary - Northern Stretches


Corazan Ice Fang Spiders Edit

Small Spiders, Neutral Edit

The coyote sized spiders of the deep caves of the northern mountains and high peaks hunt in small packs, never straying too far from their webs.


AC:: [ 14 ]

HP:: [ 8 ]

SPEED:: [ 60' Spiderclimb, Snowstriding ]

Str 12 Int 7
Dex^ 16 Wis 10
Con 10 Cha 2

^ denotes proficiency in skill / save

Skills:: [ none ]

Senses:: [ Dark-Vision ]

Languages:: [ none ]

Challenge Rating:: [ 1/3 ]

Abilities Edit

Venomous: Targets of a bite attack must make a DC(10) Constitution check or become poisoned. If a second Ice Fang Venom save is failed while still under the effects of Ice Fang Venom the additional sources of venom each reduce the targets speed by 5'. (all ill-effects are removed upon cure.)

Pounce: The Icefang Spider may leap up to 40' through the air as part of a bite attack.

Actions Edit

Bite:: +4/ 1d4+1 piercing