from Acrean Beastiary - Northern Stretches

Hounds of The Crone Edit

Medium beast/aberration, neutral evil Edit
Hounds of The Crone

Vicious dog like creatures summoned from deep within the mines around Old Crone Cave, they appear to be incredibly emaciated hairless black skinned dogs with sinewy powerful muscles. But don't be fooled by their appearance, for a dark intelligence behind their eyes speaks of something darker as they play with their prey.


AC:: [ 13 ]

HP:: [ 11 ]

SPEED:: [ 50' ]

Str 12 Int 6
Dex 14 Wis 8
Con 13 Cha 2

Skills:: [ none ]

Senses:: [ Dark-Vision ]

Languages:: [ understands all languages]

Challenge Rating:: [ 1/2 ]

Abilities Edit

Vulnerable (1.5x): Radiant & Cold Iron

Condition Immunities: sleep

Actions Edit

Bite:: +4/ 2d6 piercing, (+2d6 to prone targets)