from Acrean Beastiary - Northern Stretches

Corazan Frost Ogres Edit

Ice Troll
Large (Cold) Giant, chaotic evil Edit

The large icy ogres of the Crown Mountains live in very tribalistic societies. The tribes are typically centered around the worship of The Frozen Veil, a shamanistic evil cult following the dread icelord Crokariox.

Frost Ogres typically make their own personal weapons out of ice and bone, both easily available where they make their homes. Although not very intelligent by most societies standards they are cruel and surprisingly clever hunts. So beware, for they are not above feasting on man and elf alike!


AC:: [ 12 (hide) ]

HP:: [ 70 ]

SPEED:: [ 25' *snowstriding ]

Str 18 Int 6
Dex 10 Wis 8
Con^ 14 Cha 7

^ denotes proficiency in skill / save

Skills:: [ Tracking (+5) ]

Senses:: [ Dark-Vision, Snowsight]

Languages:: [ Giant, Heimallen, Goblin, Common(broken) ]

Challenge Rating:: [ 3.5 ]

Abilities Edit

Resistance: Cold

Vulnerable(1.5x): Fire

Snowsight: Sight is unimpaired by snow, hail, sleet and so forth.

Actions Edit

Icicle Javelins (large)(30'/120'): +5/ 1d8+4 piercing/cold

Bone clubs (large): +7/ 2d6+4 slashing