from Acrean Beastiary - Northern Stretches

Corazan Frost Drake Edit

Large Dragon (Cold), Neutral Evil Edit

The malicious and brutal Ice Drakes, draconic aerial predators the size of a great warhorse, rule the skies over the mountain peaks living off of the massive elk and wolves, sometimes even going after Polar Bears if food is scarce.


AC:: [ 16 ]

HP:: [ 95 ]

SPEED:: [ 30' Snowstriding, 60' fly ]

Str^ 18 Int 4
Dex^ 17 Wis 8
Con 16 Cha 3

^ denotes proficiency in skill / save

Skills:: [ Perception (+3) ]

Senses:: [ Dark-Vision, Snowsight ]

Languages:: [ Understands Heimallen and Draconic ]

Challenge Rating:: [ 4 ]

Abilities Edit

Vulnerability (1.5x): Fire

Resistance: Cold

Snowstriding: Not impaired by non-magical snowy or icy terrain.

Snowsight: Sight is unimpaired by snow, hail, sleet and so forth.

Condition Immunities: paralysis, sleep

Actions Edit

MultiAttack(2) (or Breath Weapon)

Bite(reach):: +9/ 1d10+5 piercing,+1d6 cold

Tail Slap (reach 10')/ 1d8+3 bludgeoning, target thrown 10' & knocked prone on a failed DC(14) strength check on equal or smaller size targets.

Breath Weapon:: Freezing Mist - 60' cone

>A blast of subzero liquid gas is belched forth freezing everything in its wake.

>Targets take 7d6 Cold damage and are frozen in a layer of ice on a failed DC(13) Dexterity save. On a successful save targets take 1/2 damage and are not frozen. Frozen targets must make a DC(10) Strength check to break the ice, are restrained/immobilized until then.