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Dracanokonig Edit

Dire polar bear

Huge Magical Beast, Neutral

The Dire Polar Bear is a massive beast, kings of the mountain. There are never many, as they're incredibly territorial and aggressive and serve to thin their own population. Otherwise these massive beasts would rightfully own the mountains. Standing on average 9' tall at the shoulder on all fours and easily breaking 1 Ton in weight, they are a seriously dangerous beast to do battle with.

But is not just any Dire Polar Bear, this is Dracanokonig, the King of The Mountain. Standing at approximately 13' to the shoulder on all fours and weighing over 2 Tons there's almost nothing south of the Crown Mountains that would willingly confront him. Intelligent he is a brutal and strict ruler, but fair, as long as everything bows to his superiority and pays tribute, they are free to pass.


AC:: [ 15 ]

HP:: [ 200 ]

SPEED:: [ 50' *snow-striding]

Str^ 22 Int 12
Dex 15 Wis 14
Con^ 21 Cha 11

Skills:: [ Perception (+6), Athletics (+10) ]

Senses:: [ Dark Vision, Snowsight, Scent ]

Languages:: [ Common, Heimallen, Giant ]

Challenge Rating:: [ 7 ]

Abilities Edit

Snow-Striding: Not impaired by non-magical snowy or icy terrain.

Snowsight: Sight is unimpaired by snow, hail, sleet and so forth.

Hunt By Scent: Gain an addition +4 to find creatures by scent where applicable.

Resistance: slashing, piercing, bludgeoning and cold damage

Actions Edit

Multi­Attack (2)

Claws:: +6/ 1d12+6 Slashing

Bash:: +8/2d6+6 Bludgeoning, Target knocked prone on a failed DC(16) Strength save.

Feast:: +10 (*target must be prone*) / 4d12+10 and the Polar Bear heals for 5d6+3 hp