Dramatis Personae of Coraza Edit

The Late
King Yor HalfieldOnce the King of Coraza by right of blood from his father King Bron Halfield who gained the throne through peoples vote. He was a mostly just ruler who had to enact some fierce laws and higher taxes due to a brutal war in the south with the kingdom of Fel'Mahar. Was an adventurer in his younger days in The Ruby Chalice, then his past caught up with him and his once allies slew him.

Current Council Members Edit

Grand Magister / Steward of the Realm Tylos Gorm' – Closest adviser to the King up until his death and adviser to the Kings father before him he is one of the most respected men in the Kingdom of Coraza and is master of the Imperial College. After the death of their king the High Council voted Tylos Steward of the Realm.'  Before being elected Steward of the Realm he was also a member of the High Council, his old student Borovis Caldwel now sits on the council in his stead.

Major General Julius SaltAn older man of about 40 who gained the title of Major General through martial prowess instead of by nobility. Raised in the northern highlands of Coraza he is a large bitter man whose stature resembles the bedrock of the mountains he sprung from. He is one of the members of the High Council.

Lord of Coin Lady Shyl von HoffA noblewoman from the Western spanse whose husband Lord Varguss von Hoff held the seat of Lord of Coin until he died of a voracious illness five years ago. After his death the Lady von Hoff has efficiently taken control of the seat and kept the country running during and after the war with Fel'Mahar. She holds the loyalty of the majority of the Noble houses in the West.

Archmage Zemoc the FirstHis seat is always left open, a legendary figure from the history of Coraza, said to have personally taught the first five Great Kings of Coraza as well as rising The Lords Tower himself through sheer will. During The War of Fangs the Darklord Hriss laid an assault upon the capital city Coraza (the country was named after the city) and broke into The Lords Tower, and after one entire day of cacophonous battle The Lords Tower exploded at its midpoint and neither Zemoc or Hriss was ever heard from again.

Master of the Keep Grori GundersonA Dwarf as dour and gruff as they come, his family line has always been the Master of the Keep if history is to be believed, the original having been personally selected by Archmage Zemoc in the times of the 2nd Great King Yuenwald. The Keep of the King has never been successfully assaulted under the watch of the Gundersons', the closest attempt being Darklord Hriss's assault on the city of Coraza during the time of the 5th ,and last, Great King Neunos. The Master of the Keep Is also the head of the city guard and therefor technically holds authority over the Major General on matters within the City of Coraza.

Man of Many Robes Kell DathusA younger man newly appointed to the High Council, Kell Darthus speaks for the voice of the Holy Quarter where the churchs of the many faiths of Coraza are located. Many regard the Man of Many Robes the most trying and least respected seat on the High Council, as trying to mesh the wants and needs of many conflicting religions together into a useable plan is nigh impossible.

Supreme Judge Edmund RoriA brutal man who seemingly only know or cares for the Law of Coraza always voting in the direction most likely to maintain order within the Kingdom. He is head of the court system and the guards throughout the Kingdom as well as the Silvered Swords, the special police of Coraza.

Esteemed Noblemen and Women Edit

Head of The Corazan Azure Gauntlets, Gregory Hines - A master of hand to hand combat and covert operations, he's been a member of The Azure Gauntlets for 35 years. He fought for the entire length of the previous Fel'Mahar war. Now a master of subterfuge and tactics he controls the entire Azure Gauntlets and oversees the of the covert operations and secret machinations of the government.

People of Interest Edit

Bishop The Cutlass - A well known and respected bounty hunter with certificates and medals of validation allowing him to work in every country of Acrea, early 582AEN he travelled to Coraza. He had been hired by a minor nobleman who recently came into much more money, and personally hired Bishop The Cutlass to hunt down the man who killed his son. That man happened to be Bishops younger miscreant brother Omar who he had lost track with after helping him escape his execution, he always regretted that, as during Omars escape he killed Bishops girlfriend and one of his friends. Upon finally making it to Peakspass he encounters The Northern Knights Recondite just in time to save Panacles from a terrible Frost Troll, upon saving them from the troll he inquires if they've seen a man matching his brothers description. Thinking nothing of it The Northern Knights Recondite told him that they did, and he was at their house, so they gave him clear directions on how to get there. In return Bishop gave them his Flask of Mithos fully blessed with high quality whiskey. Bishop got his bounty and promptly left.

Cedric Silver - Half-Orc vampire hunter, he's spent the past 15 years travelling Coraza hunting the undead. He is currently on the hunt for The Black Coach, a solid ebony and silver coach pulled by Nightmares and manned by a deathly Coachman. A thing of myth across Coraza, but he encountered it once, and it killed his entire group of people he had been travelling with, he's out for blood.

Daggle - An ancient Gnomish Historian and monk, having very recently traveled to Coraza he is very interested in the countries history and is newly in search of adventure. Having paid an exorbitant fee to the monks at The Wandering Halls he has spent most of his time researching. Upon hearing the call for heroes from Tylos Gorm he knew it was the adventure he was looking for, and a way to politely leave the monastery. He arrives at the Capital and meets Tosemas, forming the Southern Knights Recondite.

Elrose - A Dragonborn monk from a hermetic monastery in the norther mountain range of Coraza, upon turning the age of graduation from an acolyte he is sent out into the land to experience the country before returning. Upon his walk about he heard the call for heroes and answered, joining Panacles as the Northern Knight Recondite.

Ezra, Third Prince of Bron - The Third son of Bron, King of Coraza in the year 210 AEN, he mysteriously vanished into the woods of Lostotter on a diplomatic mission to the Elven city of Shalel'Shalai. The entire country lost contact with Shalel'Shalai and everything inside of it, The Southern Knights Recondite claim to have ventured into the city finding, and subsequently saving Prince Ezra from execution at the same time as a demonic invasion brought the city down, for this the Prince Ezra gifted them The Lord Stone, an artifact of great power. But the lack of demons in any of the surrounding areas seems to shed doubt upon the claims.

Hannon McReedy - An agent of The Society and a third party mercenary with The Azure Gauntlets (Corazas special forces) he was sent to Sparcity to meet The Southern Knight Recondite. He was briefly held up and ended up missing the meeting with The Southern Knights Recondite, who were misled by Mahmek. He helped ensure they were properly guided to the entrance to The Vault of Morthaa so that The Knights could slay the head leaders of the Necromantic noblemen of Fel'Mahar. He wasn't prepared to actually stop The Knights Recondite from opening The Vault and subsequently ended up inside, upon returning to Coraza he met up with Gregory Hines, who gave him orders to break from The Knights Recondite and travel to Easternport to hunt down a group of violent smugglers.

Life Breaker - (aka Naroz Breaklife) The Orc Chieftain of what was the largest tribe of the Deep Wood of Nelundorr before The Southern Knights Recondite came through. After the events around The Knights Recondite Naroz Breaklife was captured by Fire Giants, and subsequently rescued by Mahmek and transformed into Life Breaker, a towering monster of fire, rage, and molten stone as the bearer of The Heart of Fire.

Mahmek - A mysterious figure, he has appeared briefly in the first hand recounting of disasters, and in the reports, but never any proof beyond the words of a few survivors. In Fel'Mahar the people know of a Mahmek as the Jester to The Voice in The Desert and a herald of terrible times. Daggle and Tosemas were tricked into meeting him at Sparcity and following Mahmek into the desert to Tallax where he stole their supplies and left them in the abandoned haunted city.

"Omar" - Omar was a man with real rough luck, in his homelands of Noth Omar ended up on the wrong side of the law and ended up killing a minor noblemans son. After almost being hanged he killed a few men on his escape, where he fled for months to the coast, where he hopped on a boat and moved to Coraza. He hopped on a work train going to Peakspass where he worked in the mines for the past few years as a good and honorable man, if a bit of a drunkard at times. He was captured by the Disciples of Kothiqua before escaping back to Peakspass where he was briefly rescued by The Northern Knights Recondite, before his brother caught up to him.

Orrick The Wanderer - An agent of The Society as well as friend of Tylos Gorm, Orrick was sent north by his patron of The Society to wait in Peakspass to guide a group of heroes north to ensure that they would arrive in time to thwart the plans of his patrons rival. He was to assist The Northern Knights Recondite in putting a stop to the cult growing in the north and to try and make The Northern Knights friendly to the idea of cooperating with The Society.

Panacles - A large statuesque human man found in the mountains alongside an exquisite Everburning Lantern of strange metal. He was brought back to Peakspass by an older miner, he brought Panacles back to his house and him and his wife nursed Panacles back to life. Since then he was a local handyman and hero for the townsfolk of Peakspass, working in the mines from time to time, once even travelling to visit a merchant he had helped who broke an axel. On his travels to visit the merchant at Fort Callstad he traveled into the mountains near Lostotter and encountered a Lightning Bear, on his way home he heard the call for heroes and rode to The Capital, as soon as he heard something had been going wrong with his hometown he accepted his mission, he was assigned to The Northern Knights Recondite with Elrose and Sicarius.

Sicarius - An elf from the wood of Draknynen he was chosen at birth to be one of this centuries elves to join Corazas Azure Gauntlets. Trained as an elvish commando in Draknynen from a young age he was already incredibly competent, when the time came he joined the Azure Gauntlets with honor, and served for the last 3 years in the most Fel'Mahar war. After acting as Tylos Gorms personal bodyguard a few times he was known as a trusted and capable agent, when the call for heroes came Tylos Gorm personally asked for him. He would go on to join Panacles and Elrose as The Northern Knights Recondite.

Tosemas - A half-elf also from Draknynen he grew up with the disdain of his pure blooded neighbors. Fueled by his want to prove them wrong he trained as an elvish commando for a few years before a run in with an elvish noblemans son got him expelled from the program. He was escorted from The Deep Wood of Draknynen, from there he wandered the lands as guide, hunter and tracker. Upon hearing the call for heroes he knew that it would be a worthy calling, he would go on to join Daggle to form The Southern Knights Recondite.

William Pwent - A gnomish cleric of Unoth and a therapist, he was sent forth by his church to assist with the recent bouts of insanity at Peakspass. After being joined by the Northern Knights Recondite he used his churches teleportation circle to cross the remaining distance to Peakspass, they arrive in a blizzard. After a few days in town alongside an old distraught Miner by the name of "Omar". He met his end a few days later, at the end of a set of double barrels.