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Clerics of the Fog Domain Edit

Most comonly found as followers of Pteye or the Biting Wind, or "druids" in regions of extreme altitude.  Clerics of the fogs and clouds function as battlefield control and support, able to quickly maneuver through their fog banks to act where needed both offensively and supportively.

@1st level: Domain Spells Edit

1st	Fog Cloud, Feather Fall
3rd	Call Lightning, Wind Wall
5th	Conjure Elemental, Cloudkill
7th	Etherealness, Project Image
9th	Mass Heal, Storm of Vengeance

@1st level With the Wind

While wearing light or no armor your movement speed also acts as a fly speed as long as you start and end your movement on a solid surface.  Additionally you gain +2 AC while obscured by fog/storm/mist/etc

@2rd level: Channel Divinity : Confounding Clouds ; Edit

you may expend your channel divinity to bring fog down to fill up to area 300sqr feet (low-visibility 15').  Can be dispersed with powerful wind or dispelling effect, otherwise lasts up to WIS-mod hours.

@6th level : Leaves on the wind : Edit

When you or your allies move through your "confounding clouds" they gain an additional +2 AC and +20' speed and their vision is unimpaired.

@8th level : Ghost of Fog : Edit

Upon being hit you may teleport up to your movement speed leaving an illusory fog copy to be hit instead, may do this WIS-mod times per long rest.  Additionally may cast a single domain spell upon use of Channel Divinity.

@17th level : Hurricanes Whisper : Edit

When using confounding clouds the area is trippled and may teleport within the clouds as your movement speed.  Additionally, when using it initially you may cast two domain spells instead of one.  You otherwise gain a permanent fly speed equal to your movement speed, if you naturally had a fly speed before it is doubled.