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Chymist Edit

@lv2: Natural Chymist

you may with access to tools and you may brew potions mimicking the effects of any spell you know and may cast. It requires gold equal to 100 x (100 per spell level) and requires 2 hours of brewing per spell level.

@lv6: Field Researcher

You may gather the specialized remains of magical creatures and monstrous entities to create potions to mimic said creatures special abilities. E.g. A trolls heart to make regeneration potions, dragons ~thingy to make breath weapon potions etc

@10th: Schollared Saboteur

You may now craft grenades you have the schematic for. Additionally you may as an action imbue consume-able magic items with your arcane power, increasing their effect by either 2 die or DC +2 per spell level. These items only retain the increased power for one minute.

@14th: Living Laboratory

You may craft your potions in the field replacing your tools and implements with arcane accumen allowing you to craft at double speed and in the field. Additionally any healing or otherwise beneficial effects granted to you by potions that would be rolled is maxed when you consume them.