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Concentration:: Edit

All casters are capable of maintained multiple spells at once, the mental load just becomes heavier. A casters maximum number of concentration spells is determined by the mod of their casting stat. The DC of their concentration check increases by 2 for every additional spell maintained.

When a concentration check or dispel effect causes a casters maintained spells to be interrupted the spells are affected in layers. So a caster is given a save for every individual concentrated spell but once they save the spells "under" the one saved are also considered saved.


Caster: (1) Mage Armor > (2) Spirit Weapon > (3) Witch bolt.

If the casters "top" spell was dispelled or otherwise lost concentration but the caster regains/saves concentration on the Spirit Weapon, the Mage Armor below is also considered saved.

Additional Spells Edit

(UA) Starter Spells - cantrips & 1st level

(UA) Elemental Evil - elemental spells

(UA) That Old Black Magic - demon summonings

Magic Options By Source Edit

Pact Magics casting type is dependent on the warlocks Patron, a Fiend or Celestial would grant Divine magic while a Great Old One or Dragon would grant Arcane and Fey or Nature spirits would likely grant Primal.

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