from Acrea

Setting Rules:: Edit

The Following collection of homebrew and alternate rules are the assumed norm of any game taking place in Acrea, otherwise the power level and feel just wont be right.

Optional Supplements:

75+ Poisons and Toxins by Glorac

Evolving Cantrips by Yoonki

Wilderness Survival Guide by AeronDrake

Emrakuls Madness (Innistrad Planeshift)

Dalagraths Herbalism & Alchemy

Wodiins Cooking by Ingredient Quality

Ability Score Increases Edit

Whenever you gain an Ability Score Increase and choose to pick the ASI instead of a Feat you gain 3 Ability Score points to spend instead of 2

Natural Armor Edit

Anyone or anything with Natural Armor may add its benefit even while wearing armor over it, attacks that pierce the armor still have to break the natural armors benefit aswell.

Spellcasting:: Edit

If you are capable of managing your actions to cast more than 1 spell on your turn or throughout the round you may, there is no restriction on number of spells cast or maintained at once beyond the casters standard limits through actions and maximum Concentration (as below).

Concentration:: Edit

All casters are capable of maintained multiple spells at once, the mental load just becomes heavier. A casters maximum number of concentration spells is determined by the mod of their casting stat. The DC of their concentration check increases by 2 for every additional spell maintained.

When a concentration check or dispel effect causes a casters maintained spells to be interrupted the spells are affected in layers. So a caster is given a save for every individual concentrated spell but once they save the spells "under" the one saved are also considered saved.


Spells cast stack "on top" of the previous ones cast.

3) Witch bolt

2) Spirit Weapon

1) Mage Armor

If the casters "top" spell (Witch bolt) was dispelled or otherwise lost concentration but the caster regains/saves concentration on the Spirit Weapon, the Mage Armor below is also considered saved.

Stealth Edit

When moving while "stealthed" you must make your movement at 1/2 speed or take disadvantage on the roll.

Sneak Attack Edit

You may make your sneak attack with any light weapon as well as with finesse weapons.

Falling and Knockback Damage Edit

When you fall 10' or more you suffer 1d6 falling damage per 10' fallen, a falling entity may use their reaction to attempt an Athletics or Acrobatics check at DC ( 14 +2 per 10' ) to take half damage.

Slowfall Edit

A monk may only use Slowfall while unrestrained and against standard falling but to use against knockback you must make the Acrobatics or Athletics check as for standard falling.

Knockback Edit

Whenever you are knocked back into terrain you take damage as if you had fallen the full distance as long as you move at least 10' before impact, otherwise treat it as half distance.

Falling Attacks Edit

If you descend a distance before making an attack either from jumping or falling and hit with your attack you and your target both take equal damage from your fall, using slowfall or another reaction to reduce the falling damage reduces the damage to both targets.

Falling While Restrained / Helpless Edit

If you would take falling damage while stunned, paralyzed, bound, or otherwise restrained and to be unable to prepare for the fall in any way you take maximum falling damage.

Equipment Specific Edit

Lances Edit

If prof in both Lance weapons and Ride skill and you succeed on a DC 20 Ride check your first attack with the lance deals triple damage when used from the back of a charging mount.

Spears/Pike and other Polearms Edit

If prof in both the weapon and Ride you deal 1.5x damage when used from the back of a charging mount with a DC 15 Ride check.

If you use a readied action to set a Brace weapon against a charge, you deal double damage on a successful hit against a charging character.    

Guns/Firearms:: Edit

Guns are fairly common in Acrea in the "modern" time, and can be found on most continents where industry or strong enough trade fo the materials can be found.

Special rules for guns are as follows

When firing a nonMasterwork and or nonMagic firearm check the chart on your attack rolls to determine if it misfires. A Masterwork weapon shifts the actual misfire chances by 1 downwards, a backfire on 1 would then backfire on a 0 (so never backfire) where a Magic firearm does not alter the rolls but merely does not backfire, instead jamming whenever it would backfire.

Masterwork: missfire chance -1 per bonus

Magical Weapon: no backfire, +1 to base missfire chance

Backfire: Roll a base # on this your attack roll and instead of normal attack deal weapon damage back on the yourself as gun expells force back in your direction.

Jam: Roll a base # on the attack roll and the Attack has no effect & wastes ammunition. requires a DC 15 skill check to unjam as an Action (thieves tools / sleight of hand) or DC 10 Gunsmiths tools.

Critical Hit: +1 multiplier

Point Blank: Whenever you make a gun/firearm attack at a target within 10' you deal a bonus 1 weapon die base damage and Crit Range increased +1

Rests & Healing Edit

Short Rests - During a short rest you regain ( 1+CON mod ) for every amenity or comfort you are able to avail yourself of.

Long Rests - During a short rest you regain ( 1HD+CON mod ) for every amenity or comfort you are able to avail yourself of. You may only heal up to a number of HD equal to your own total with a minimum of 1HD healing.

Amenity List

  • Food
    • Trail Rations + 1HD
    • Hot / Prepared meal + 2HD
    • Delicious Meal + 3HD
    • Incredible Meal + 4HD
  • Rest
    • Sleeping Roll + 1HD
    • Average Bed + 2HD
    • Comfy Bed + 3HD
  • Characters Chosen Hobby + 1HD
  • (spending rest in armor -1HD)
  • Entertainment + 1HD (DC10 performance +1 HD for every 5 over check of 10)
  • Roleplay + (DM discretion)