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Character Options Edit

Character options for Acrean campaigns, a forewarning, some of these may be a bit more powerful than standard phb characters and when all used in conjunction will make a stronger character than vanilla.

Acceptable Character Sources

MISC Options Edit



Feats & Flaws

Fighting Styles

Martial Techniques


MetaMagic Options

Warlock Invocations

Race Options Edit

Planeshift ~ Amonkhet (LA 0) [ Aven, Humans, Khenra, Minotaur, Naga ]

Planeshift ~ Kaladesh (LA 0) [ Aetherborn, Dwarves, Elves, Humans, Vedalken ]

Planeshift ~ Innistrad (LA 0) [ Humans ]

Planeshift ~ Ixalan (LA 0) [ Humans, Merfolk, Vampire, Orcs, Goblins, Sirens ]

PlaneShift ~ Zendikar (LA 0) [ Elves, Goblins, Human, Kor, Merfolk, Vampires ]

Primal Orcs - LA 2

Warborn - LA 0 - 5

Ogres & Oni - LA 2+

Seasonal Eladrin - LA 1

Advanced Dragonborn - LA 1 - 3

Half Giants - LA 3 - 7

Class Options Edit

Barbarian Edit

Ancestral Guardian (UA)

Storm Herald (UA)

Zealot (UA)


Armored Behemoth

Fatal Cleaver

Glacial Reaver

Killing Shield

Living Bolt

Musclebound Rager

Raging Abomination

Savage Barrager

Bard Edit

College of Glamour (UA)

College of Satire (UA)

College of Swords (UA)

College of Glamour (UA)


College of Tarot

Banner Bearer

Master of Masques

Cleric Edit

City Domain (UA)

Forge Domain (UA)

Grave Domain (UA)

Protection Domain (UA)


Amonkhet Planeshift








Cleansing Sun





Druid Edit

Circle of Dreams (UA)

Circle of the Shepherd (UA)

Circle of Twilight (UA)

Circle of Spores


Circle of the Accursed

Circle of Mycota

Circle of the Pack Leader

Circle of the Wyrewood

Fighter Edit

Arcane Archer (UA)


Cavalier (UA)

Knight (UA)

Monster Hunter (UA)

Samurai (UA)

Scout (UA)

Sharpshooter (UA)



Bloody Showman


Exemplar of Might



Living Weapon

Samurai of Khogar



Unstoppable Force

Monk Edit

Way of Drunken Master (UA)

Way of Kensai (UA)

Way of Tranquility (UA)


Crashing Waves

Earthen Core

Forbidden techniques of the Soul Well

Iron Warden


Mantle Bearer

Student of the 10 Steppes

Raging Inferno

Way of the Poison Soul

Wind Shear

Paladin Edit

Oath of Redemption (UA)

Oath of Conquest (UA)

Oath of Treachery (UA)


Oath of the Arcanists

Oath of the Iron Mind

Oath of Murder

Oath of Carroths Herald

Oath of The Mountain

Oath of the Cleansing Sun

Oath of the All Consuming Flame

Oath of the Landhealer

Oath of Slaughter

Ranger Edit

Ranger Variant (UA)

Horizon Walker (UA)

Monster Slayer (UA)

Primeval Guardian (UA)



Wyrewood Ranger

Ravaging Skirmisher

Rogue Edit

Inquisitive (UA)

Mastermind (UA)

Scout (UA)

Swashbuckler (UA)


Brutal Killer






Whirling Dervish

Sorcerer Edit

Favored Soul (UA)

Pheonix (UA)

Pyromancer (PS)

Sea (UA)

Shadow (UA)

Stone (UA)

Stormborn (UA)


Acrean Nobility

Chosen of the Crimson Spire

Tainted by Tartarus

Warlock Edit

Celestiel (UA)

Ghost in the Machine (UA)

Hexblade (UA)

The Raven Queen (UA)

The Seeker (UA)

The Undying Light (UA)


Atlas Charge

High House of Stars

High House of Stewards

High House of War

House of Fall

House of Spring

House of Summer

House of Winter

Lisariels Aspirants

Monthara, Architect of Madness

Ogohn the Star Eater

Rigsaws Living Weapons

Sandwalker of Ohrneprazad

Wizard Edit

Technomancy (UA)

Lore (UA)

Theurgy (UA)

War Magic (UA)

School of Invention


Acrean Traditional Schools



Mage at Arms

Full Classes Edit


Acrean Classes Edit

Prestige Classes Edit

Classes that operate as separate individual classes, they have their own requirements, HD and special abilities, when you level up you may choose any of your applicable Prestige Classes or Base classes seperately, calculate Proficiency as normal, totaling prestige and base class levels.

SpellSchools Edit

When you enter a spellschool you must finish all levels of your spell school before returning to your base class abilities, when you choose a spell school you connect it to one of your spell casting base classes. For the levels you are spending within your spellschool you replace any special ability bonuses of the class with the special abilities of your chosen spell school.

Legendary Paths Edit

After level 21 you may claim one Legendary Path that you meet the requirements for, you do not need to pick your Legendary Path immediately but you may only have one path at any given time. There are two types of Legendary Paths which have their own rules for advancement and basic abilities gained by each, for instance a Godlings Legendary progression is based off of their Religious following across the Planes where as a Mortals is progressed through achieving legendary feats (like killing Godlings).

Mortals Edit

  • Archmage
  • Champion
  • Necromagus
  • Davey Jones

Godlings Edit

  • Domain ( Blood ) - Godling
  • Domain ( Kings ) - Godling
  • Domain ( Slaughter ) - Godling