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The Acrean Calendar is 10 Months each with 30 days, 6 days a week 5 weeks to a month.  The Months are Yearstart, Frostheld, Maymelt, Anorsmonth,  Pteyasrain, Xakansrise, Clearskies, Summersend, Yunsmonth, Yearsend.

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Acrea is the Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Setting created by Doug (The Archmage Zemoc), Brent, and Jake (Panacles).  Each continent is created one at a time for each campaign and it grows as we play, slowly building the world, it's history and its inhabitants, old and new.  It is a high fantasy world where the only thing stopping the gods who rule over it from doing as they please is an odd law of metaphysics which halts beings of such great power to manifest directly upon the Material Plane, instead restricted to the Outer Realm.

The Outer Realm is one massive infinite plane that contains all of the outer planes within it where the rules of reality are created more through perception and force of will than physical limitations.

In this wiki contains the areas that make up this world of Acrea and the stellar adventures that take place within.

Acrea; 582 AEN, Time of UpheavalEdit

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Acrea is a world trying to heal from its past.  The EverNight lasted an unknown length of time, at least a few hundred years perhaps even thousands, where a dark miasma covered the upper atmosphere of the world smothering most of the sunlight to a grey glow where any cloud cover granted darkness as if night had fallen.  The magical weave of the Material Plane was flushed with an immense excess of energy which tore holes in reality causing some locations on the Material plane to "merge" with locations within the Outer plane and the fluctuations of magic to become unstable and wild.  Great beasts ruled the wild lands of Acrea and armies of shadow beasts and demons regularly waged war upon the civilized people of the world.  Only the strongest countries stood through The EverNight and even those suffered horribly, many great empires fell under the curtain of darkness and entire races vanished from the face of the world.  Since The EverNight dissipated the peoples of the world have rapidly attempted to re-establish themselves across it.  All over Acrea the wounds left upon the world from The EverNight can be seen in as physical as the ravaged and ruined cities of countries who didn't survive, to the more magic where tears of reality still exist, as well as the magical weave of the world flowing stronger than ever (if at times wild and unpredictable). The Time of Upheaval, on the first day of Yearstart a second moon appeared in the Night sky over the Isle of Cai ; none of the diviners, historians or Erudites asked could offer an explanation, as it didn't appear in the night sky of any other continent.


In Coraza Midway through the month of Yearstart King Yor Halfield of Coraza was slain by his oldest friends who then fled the capital dissapearing in the night; the Grand Magister Tylos Gorm was subsequently elected Steward of the Realm, his first act was to form the Knights Recondite to help him stabilise the country.

584AEN; The Hubris of Davey Jones Edit

Davey Jones, Captain of the Dread Council, came across a fallen Fey Prince of Games cursed with madness from the fall of his High House he had been cast to the Material Plane and lost to the Fey Lords. Upon Acrea Jack the Barber as he became known was a herald of madness and turmoil, he would stage large games or contests from his time in The High Houses upon the unwitting denizens of wherever he had found himself.

But Davey Jones manipulated him, used him to harness the leftover powers of his High House to create a massive ritual game of Keeps and Conquerors using the entirety of the Leviathans Maw as its boundaries. Davey Jones picked 8 champions against whomever the Leviathans Maw could assemble, every two weeks one of Davey Jones' champions would be given free reign to set forth a contest for one of the Islands or to simply attack it and attempt to sack its capital building.

If Davey Jones' champions won then the magic of Jack the Butchers game would counteract the vast ritual magics that created the whirlpool at the center of The Leviathans Maw releasing the trapped leviathan at its depths between tectronic plates.

But thankfully the people of The Leviathans Maw were championed by the heroes of Free Cove, Davey Jones was beaten, then slain once the game was over and he played his final gambit. Jack the Butcher was taken in by the High House of Stewards and his mind mended and curses stripped, making him Lokergang, Ronin Prince of Games. Aasimov Brovski settled down with his followers upon Fishermans Porch where he would begin his ascension to a Godling and form his connection to the Domain of Law. Yadsep set off back to Heldridge, his former home, and freed it from the Hobgoblin warbands that controlled it and established it once more as a new City State. Mayor Strunge took over his total duties as mayor of Free Cove and Saltana Saldana vanished back into the Outer Realm to continue is chaotic journeys as far as anyone knows.

585AEN; Sir Duncans Lament & Second Calling of the Recondite Edit

In Oneiros the Cult of Nightmares has held sway over the country for generations, fueling a brutal and stagnant state of war and terror across the land.

The newly crowned King William Pike assembled a number of Deputee Knights and sent them out across the land to tackle a number of wild rumors and last ditch efforts to find some key to winning the war against the Cult of Nightmares, for they have kidnapped his bride to be.

One team was sent out across the country to Aberforths Asylum for the Mentally Sundered, a temple of Unoth, and where an old knight by the name of Sir Duncan has remained for years, comatose after having four major Nightmares bound into his body during his knightly orders last Pyrrhic victory against the Cult. His order slain and he bound into his own mind with the horrors he trapped; but they cleansed the Cult temple down in that Deep Wood, and he learned much, but since then the info was lost to the empire, the Deputees were sent to gather it at any cost.

They did, after losing a number of their comrades along the way and after a series of brutal battles within Sir Duncans mind they were able to retrieve enough of his psyche for them to retrieve what he'd learned. That the Cult was using old places of power within the Deep Woods as their main centers of power, and he showed them what Woods were active, giving a set of good leads against the Cult.

But their victory came at a price, with his Psyche partially restored but unable to be saved by the Deputees he remained trapped in his own mind, once again facing the predations of the Nightmares within him but with renewed senses of pain, anguish and horror.

And over the course of their adventure their Tarot Bard Olaf gathered the pieces of a new lute, and made a deal with Baba Yarush, the oldest Grandmother and only true Grandmother of Nightmares, to make the lute for him in the fashion of a Nightmare artifact. And so Baba Yarushs' influence was spread as well.

In Coraza the Southern Knights Recondite, having finished their prior mission in the borderlands of Fel'Mahar have been reconvened after a hiatus. The Northern Knights Recondite had never returned, becoming lost to The Steward some time after going North beyond Peaks Pass and into the Ice Lands, and so the Second Founding was called to search for them. Led by Daggle and Susan Ember, both heroes of Coraza, they set forth facing trials and tribulations.

In their travels they became the first ones to enter the phase-shifted elven city within the Deep Wood Lostotter and were time-shifted back to mid 200sAEN where they helped the then young man Prince Ezra to escape the disaster that befell the city and pulled him back to modern day Acrea when they escaped it. They delivered him to The Steward quickly and without fanfare before heading back out on their quest.

Eventually their quest took them to Illstoom Brovak, the undercity that lays below the Crown Mountains of Coraza. There they learned of Panacles' passage and time in the city and where he'd travelled on, but at a price. Draxumgrogath, molten king of Illstoom Brovak, required their assistance in rebinding the demon prince Rumavorm trapped within a section of the city. Daggle and a companion angel were the only ones who accepted this mission, and altho very close, they were successful and also had found evidence the bindings had been weakened by the Frozen Veil cult that had infiltrated the city.

The rest of the group entered themselves into the Battle Cube where as fate would have it they encountered their nemesis Narrosh Lifebreaker, wielder of the Heart of Fire. He suggested they make the battle a real bout and fight to the death, and before the referees could explain the rules the Knights accepted and then refused to hear the surrender conditions.

LifeBreaker got some of his revenge that day, but the pain of his tribes slaughter due to the meddling of the Knights prior still burned unavenged.

One was Slain, One sold into slavery and Susan was beaten and made an example of as she was sent back to Coraza to tell the Crown not to meddle in the affairs of the Illstoom Brovak again or they would keep sending back broken Knights.

Daggle never returned to the Crown, another Knight lost to the mystery of the Ice Lands.

586AEN; The Nightmare Tower of Omak & The Locksmiths Rise and Fall Edit

In the deep cliffed Loch besides the town of Omak a massive dark slick stone tower has appeared floating just above the waterline in the center of the lake, in the way of the towns ocean access. The Governor of Omak sent out for adventurers, making the call to arms with a large offer of gold pieces for whomever could go into The Tower and return with an answer. But all of the teams who took the job and entered the tower did not returned.

Until a team of Nightmare hunters and Professionals were hired, they delved the Towers magical interior. Each floor a magically contained dimension mastered by its own Nightmare, floor after floor they journey deeper into the Tower itself until they found its source. An Elder Brain trapped and corrupted by Nightmare Cultists in its warped and broken control over its power dreamt the tower into existence. But once the Professionals got to it, it was only a matter of time until it was destroyed.

Once dead the Towers brain dimensions collapsed expelling the Professionals onto the Towers rooftop, a tower remained below them but although it still floated over the water it seemed otherwise mundane once more.

In Orthome the team of Adventurers who would become known as The Locksmiths were hired on by Alphonse Khasaire, a young nobleman who'd only recently come into his fortunes. They traveled out from Orthome by Caravan, crossing the desert to Hashin a mostly abandoned city maintained by a corrupted fallen Efreeti Zazoda who had only recently come to power. Prior to Zazodas rise the drifters and outlaws of Hashin had ruled over the city as their own shared oasis and meeting place.

But Hashin had also been home to the Khasaires base of power in the past and Alphonse had come to reclaim it; and learning of the cities occupation and status had done nothing to change his aims. He set his hired adventurers to the task who, with the help of the cities main influencer "Sameter" a tiefling woman who ran the cities only bar The Bucket, eventually toppled Zazoda and setup Alphonse & Sameter as the cities new rulers. They had some hiccups along the way but in the end they were successful. To kick off the new regime change The Locksmiths named themselves and using funds provided by Alphonse hosted a massive street party in the cities honor once they had a teleporter circle up and running to connect with the main city.

On their return to Orthome riding a wave of victory and good publicity they filed incorporation forms legally required and Iskandor bought a new House setting themselves up as an official "Adventuring Team" with the Guilds of Orthome giving them legal status to operate within the city.

They worked with an Agent of the Society 'Hannon McReedy' as a Cult of Shadow had begun plagueing the outer rings of the city where the Pristine Knights ignored the cults pervading influence. Over months in a concerted effort with a few famous Heros of the city they eventually crushed the cult after Iskandor and Hannon killed one of the cults three leaders it was much easier to crush the remaining Cult as the other two leaders vanished aswell.

But after months of good word of them in the streets but no work the team was confused and running out of ideas until their Master of Mail and Postage, Mordai, went on vacation putting Ratboi in charge. Who found that Mordai had simply been throwing all their mail in "the trash" which wasn't just a trash bin but actually a strange crack in the wall that lead to god knows where. But with Ratboi on mail the jobs began to come in, or at least they started to get noticed by someone, and the team ended up getting hired by Sir Frederick to help him hunt a Summer Wurm.

In the time heading up to that, one of their hires had their soul stolen by the angel who ran The Devils Crossing, a shady super high class casino set within the old Iron Mosque used by the devil binding Hashashin of yore. Nasir got possessed by his own devil, and ended up killing Oliver in their attempts to save him.

The Hunt of the Summer Wurm was tense and a close call but in the end they were successful once more, and just when they thought the job was over their second job they'd signed for was brought into action. Unbeknownst to them (as they never read that far into their contracts) after the Hunt for the Summer Wurm they were hired on as a emergency relief and backup for an archeological expedition that had run into extreme troubles out in the desert attempting to explore The Zhokar. So without any supplies or other assistance they took off for the archeological expedition, meeting them in the desert to resounding disappointment.

And as their only reinforcements they took what they could and forged hard into the desert. Through storm and heat they forged onwards before eventually coming across the insane dragon defender of the Zhokars borderlands who nearly slew them, Pasha Zentiphon, while the caravan escaped.

But due to the emergency interference of Gambohl the Eternal they were saved before the Pasha could carry out his extermination of the heroes.

They spent a couple days in Gambohls demiplane and then returned to the caravan in the Zhokar at the very edge of the old empire where they found them camping at a partially buried pyramid and a ziggurat with a massive sword spearing down through it where they learned the old Zhokar desert wasn't as uninhabited and desolate as the outside world as assumed.

587AEN; Third Calling of the Recondite & Jur'Shus Final Internment Edit

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